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Which treatment is best - CBT?


This article continues the theme of looking at different treatments that people have tried.  Again, re-iterating the mantra, 'There is no best therapy - just the one(s) that work for you!'  Another thing to say at this point is that we will not be talking about drugs.  We see drugs as a short term solution towards helping with a fear of flying..

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is definitely one of the main treatments we hear talked aside from Hypnotherapy. 
Potted History

There are a lot of names associated with modern day CBT, but originally probably Beck and Ellis are the two most commonly spoken of.  CBT is effective for the treatment of a variety of conditions, including mood, anxiety, personality, eating, substance abuse and even psychotic disorders. Many CBT treatment programs for specific disorders have been evaluated for efficacy; the health-care trend of evidence-based treatment, where specific treatments for symptom-based diagnoses are recommended, has favoured CBT over other approaches such as psychodynamic treatments.  In fact, the last Government were so impressed with the evidenced based side, that they have included it in the NICE guidelines.  Plus, they put aside a sum of money for GPs to be able to refer appropriate patients on for treatment courtesy of the last government. Neat?!

So, is it the 'wonder-treatment?'

For some people, it can be very effective very quickly.  It seems to help a lot with anxieties and phobias.  There has been some debate as to whether it lasts long term though...Some people just need the time that other treatments such as counselling or psychotherapy offer.  There is also a pressure on therapists using Government funded CBT to deliver results within very few sessions.  You can argue whether this is good or bad but our view is that it very much depends on the individual being helped.  Some individuals can be helped very quickly as this particular study shows  study 

So, in summary, it is probably a thumbs up from us towards CBT as an approach. We certainly recommend that people who need help with other anxieties after our course, give it a try.


Disclaimer... As always, these are our views and we could be talking twaddle! All of these blogs are just meant to help...

Take care

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