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Anxiety and Panic Disorder Resources

As promised, we are continuing our comments on mental health, anxiety and panic disorders and basically anything else that we can find that could be relevant to you.  Today's blog has some places to go that have free downloads or downloads with a voluntary donation. 

If you put the terms 'anxiety disorder' or 'panic attacks' into Google, then you will get tons of data back. You need to be quite discerning. We are not saying that there are not better resources out there but all of the links and sites below, we have been through to check and they work and are relevant.  This will give you hours of reading of actual proper useful information to help you.  We think it is a better use of time than reading all those air crash investigation websites?!
Links we have checked:

Anxiety UK They are a voluntary institution that help people living with anxiety.(Were called Phobic Society at one point we think)

Rethink There is a free fact sheet about anxiety disorders that you can download

Mental Health UK Loads and loads of interesting stuff to read here 

Mental Health US.  Another brill site with tons of things to read and scroll through

Good old NHS of course. 

BBC  Can't believe how much they have to help you

Medical News Today. Never heard of these but it is quite simply put

NICE guidelines.  These are very well put together of course

Web MD Boots.  Good old Boots. Nice simple stuff here.

Former Anxious person Blogs etc.  This is a random one but he has written loads of stuff to help others.

NoMorePanic. Lots of support from like-minded people This is quite a friendly site and written in very easy terms even we understood!
A delegate on our last course said, 'There seems to be more woman here than men - why is that?'

Answer. We don't know. But there was.  Got us thinking, what does the research say about this.  Found some below:

This is potentially a 'can of worms' as us Brits say but there are statistics 'out there' about this and mental health so you can decide for yourself... 

Women are more likely to have been treated for a mental health problem than men (29% compared to 17%).This could be because, when asked, women are more likely to report symptoms of common mental health problems. (Better Or Worse: A Longitudinal Study Of The Mental Health Of Adults In Great Britain, National Statistics, 2003)
  • Depression is more common in women than men.* 1 in 4 women will require treatment for depression at some time, compared to 1 in 10 men. The reasons for this are unclear, but are thought to be due to both social and biological factors. It has also been suggested that depression in men may have been under diagnosed because they present to their GP with different symptoms. (National Institute For Clinical Excellence, 2003)

    Women are twice as likely to experience anxiety as men. Of people with
    phobias or OCD, about 60% are female. (The Office for National Statistics Psychiatric Morbidity report, 2001)

  • * Ed - Is this depression because of men!?

    Here is a free download for the Fundamental Facts which contains loads of Mental Health Research and is a really really interesting read.

    Next few articles, we are going to look in turn at different psychological approaches that we have heard of 'out there.' All of it, including this article, are intended to help you or someone you know.

    Take care

    Paul & Richard
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