Thursday, 17 May 2012

Virgin aircraft narrowly misses landing on water

Virgin aircraft lands on water!

Be careful what you read. This is of course a nonsense headline made up today. Apologies if you thought it was real!

On a slow day, this could be printed because we know it will sell newspapers.  We suggest that you stop reading or watching anything aviation related from this moment onwards.

The job of the press (quite rightly) is to get the story out quickly and with as much fact as can be ascertained at the time of release.  It is a pressured job to meet deadlines and be the first with the stories. This means that they don't have time to research everything in time. 

Some of you maybe thinking that this is bad saying such things?! 

We don't mean offence.  All we are saying is 'be careful what you let into your head.'  Once you read these articles, you start to visualise it happening and before you know it, you are practising how to be scared. 

If the paper delayed and said, 'let's bring out the TRUTH when we know it.  They would have a beautifully accurate story four days later that no-one would read!
The picture below was taken from an actual newspaper. Notice anything about it? Such as that it is the same aircraft with the image reversed???!

It read 'NEAR MISS' as a headline.

Anyway, our advice is don't read the stuff. Don't watch those programmes either - the documentaries. Reason.

If you watched programmes about car crashes non-stop, you would start to install your own fear of driving too.  It is very easy to start a fear. Once installed, it gains momentum and we will naturally (if not mindful) find information to support and maintain the fear.

It becomes a never ending quest unless we interrupt the process before it really gets a hold. 

That is what some people do on our courses.  About 20% (guess) will tell us that the fear is just starting to bother them on their flights and they want to stem it before it gets any worse. 

It is never too late to do something about the fear. You were not born with it!

Take care

Paul & Richard
Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear

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