Monday, 21 May 2012

Thank you emails

Here are just a few thank you emails and messages that came in this week. What a great read - don't you think?


Dear Team!
I participate on your course in Edinburgh last May and I would like to say thank you for the great day, it was very very helpful. I can say that I'm completely healed, because I just arrived back from a USA roundtrip, which was perfect. Of course I was flying with Virgin Atlantic for the first time and it was an incredible feeling. The Stewardess team was nice and friendly. 
I always gonna choose Virgin Atlantic, when I will go on holiday in the future!

Thank you very much for your help!!

See you next time on the plane! :)
To: <>
Subject: Thank You
Just thought I would drop you a quick note to thank you and prove that the Flying Without Fear course works.
Myself and my wife, (Danielle) attended the course on a cold day in January when the snow in the morning nearly gave me an excuse not to attend the course – I am so glad we attended the course!!! We have a 9 yr old and 2 yr old daughters and realised that we had 2 choices – confront our fear (so we didn’t pass it on to our daughters) or stop flying – it was an easy choice as we love our holidays and didn’t want our daughters to miss out on anything.
Both my wife and I hated flying – although it never stopped us going on holiday we would always visit the bar before takeoff to deal with our fear – and often have a couple of drinks during the flight. Our fears were very different, mine was centred on the claustrophobia and the fact I can’t get out and what happens if I was ill on bard etc- while my wife was petrified of the plane falling out of the sky and cried every time we had experienced turbulence.
As I write this we are recently back from a holiday of a lifetime in Orlando and the flight for the first time was part of the whole enjoyable experience.
With the information we received in the Flying Without Fear course we were able to enjoy the build up to the holiday (not the usual dread and worry in the weeks leading up to the flight)
I can’t speak highly enough of the course and would recommend anyone that is frightened of flying to attend it – it’s not worth every £ - it’s worth every penny of the course fee!
We were in the air at the same time as the flight that turned back to London (also with Virgin, also on an airbus 330, also heading for Orlando) - we saw the update in-flight and were completely at ease – knowing there is a what if for the what if and even found ourselves telling family members that the turbulence we were having was fine and not to worry – the irony wasn’t lost on us – we kept telling them it’s the only form of transport where you get hot drinks without lids and also remembered the test with the bottle of water to see how much we were actually moving!
So thanks again for the course – I wish everyone who attends the course achieves the same outcome we have.
Kind Regard
Mike Weedon
Subject: - "Re: Luton April 22nd 2012"

Hi Paul and everybody at flying without fear. Mark Colk here who attended your course at Luton on 22nd April my team leader was Jane.
Just to let you all know I flew to Cyprus on may 1st and returned on the 12th before I attended your course I couldn't even look at pictures of aircraft but now have a serious passion for flying and anything to do with aviation so much so I'm now thinking of changing my career to work at an airport hopefully as an apron hand.
Thank you all so much and if you ever need extra help at your courses I'd love to offer you my spare time so don't hesitate to call.


To whom it may concern

On the 29th May 2011 my Dad and I attended the course in Birmingham. My dad had never flown and finally after lots of persuasion from me, he agreed to attend the course at the age of 67....

Since the course my dad has flown 4 times and in 3 weeks time my mum and dad will be joining me and my family on a 3 week holiday to L.A.

Thank you so much for giving my Mum and Dad a new life and letting them see parts of the world they would have never seen if it had not been for your course

Thanks again


Garry Crosbie posted on Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear's Wall
"So proud of my wife who went on "Flying without Fear" course at Edinburgh Airport yesterday. We ended up taking our first flight together in 34 years of marriage and this was the first time in 36 years Irene had been on a plane ! Brilliant !!! Thanks Virgin Atlantic."

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