Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Special Message - Peter Andre Tonight

Below is a message from our lovely flying without fear therapist/speaker Gill Harvey Bush. She helped us to help Peter Andre with his fear of rollercoasters recently. This will be shown tonight on ITV2 9PM, Wednesday 30th May 2012.  There is a special message below from her
HUGE FAVOUR - a couple of weeks ago with Virgin FWF I was lucky enough to work with Peter Andre helping him with a phobia of roller-coasters. The show airs tomorrow on ITV2 @ 9pm "My Life Peter Andre" - have no idea how much we'll be seen or if any of the techniques will be shown but following my breast cancer last year I want to turn it into a positive rather than it just "be another media thing"...
I did & raise money for 3 charities: Cancer Research, The Royal Marsden and HIPZ by donating money from every one of my books "Phobia? Be Free of It!" sold via my website  asking people who order to put PA after their name so I can track them. Please, please could you tweet, (I'll post a tweet tomorrow morning) re-post spread the word as I'd love to be able to make a serious donation to each. Peter & others in the media will re-tweet tomorrow for me. Wasn't a Peter fan before but must say what a really lovely bloke. Thank you x
Thank you
Flying Without Fear

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  1. Great Job Gill..it will be my first time watching this!