Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Quote of the day

This postcard came in today.  Thought it was worth showing you as there are some lovely phrases that sum up what our course does.

'I did it, I did it, I did it'

'I can't believe I left it so long to sort out my fear.'

'Thank you to everyone for giving me back my freedom.'


Often, we are asked:

'Does the course work?'
'What makes your course better than any competitors?'
'How do people get over their fear in a day?'
'What happens if I need to come back for a top-up sometime if the fear takes a hold again?'

Our response?

People that come onto our course come from different backgrounds, ages, genders etc etc.  They have also got the fear for different reasons. Some have had it forever and others more recently.  There are as many types of fears as there are people that attend - albeit, you can group some such as claustrophobia, turbulence, loss of control...

When you decide 'enough is enough'  then you are ready to get help. Our course is a fantastic part of a process of beating fear(s). For a lot of people it is 'one-stop shop.' They attend the course, fly happily ever after and we never see them again.

Some attend, fly and then have success for a few years and then they may come back for a top-up (or sometimes just a chat on the phone is enough)

Another group attend and notice that they fly but still don't like it that much. They know they are safe and they know that they still have some work to do on getting more comfortable with the whole experience.

So, what is the difference?  The course runs pretty much the same every month (we are always tweaking to improve) so why the difference response to the 'one-dayer'  

A lot of the success has to do with the attendee's mindset; what they have done already; how prepared are they to let go of the fear; how strong really is their desire is to get rid of it; what are they saying to themselves as they attend the course; whether they fly again in a short timescale after the course; whether they let themselves get back into unhelpful thinking patterns and a whole host of other factors that I could list.  Overall, where they are in the process of getting rid of the fear.

As far as we are concerned, we have seen some extremely scared people attend the course and even they have amazed themselves.  All is not lost. It is never too late to change unhelpful patterns in your life.  You were not born with this fear - you learned it.
Future Dates
Birmingham 10th June
Southampton 24th June
Gatwick 8th July
Children's course 14th July
Manchester 11th November
Edinburgh 25th November
Leeds Bradford 13th January 2013
Newcastle & Luton to be announced …

Take care
Paul & Richard
Virgin Atlantic 'Flying Without Fear'

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