Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Peter Andre

A week today, we are on the television helping Peter Andre with his fear of rollercoasters.  We were approached by Thorpe Park and ITV as we have been recognised as being the experts in helping people with fears. Their words not ours!

That is a great compliment for us. 

One never knows how these things will be edited but hopefully it will come across okay.

Incidentally, Peter was amazing and was able to face his fear and ride The Swarm - the largest winged rollercoaster in Europe. 

We were also mentioned in The Sun on 19th May 2012 and acknowledged for helping him.
You may be wondering how fear of rollercoasters link to fear of flying? 

When you learn a fear and then maintain it, the brain has a similar process for dealing with fears. It does not matter too much what the fear is.  With Peter, we explained how he learned the fear, some common patterns that people fall into and then taught him how to get rid of it.  We used some Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Neuro Linguuistic Programming and Thought Field Therapy. 

He rode The Swarm and it went well. 

Like all people that have faced a fear, he will need to make sure he keeps facing the demons!  In other words, he needs to build on his success and get back on the rides sooner rather than later. Exactly the same thing that we say to the people that face their flying fears with us.

Next course dates:

Birmingham 10th June
Southampton 24th June
Gatwick 8th July
Childrens course 14th July
Manchester 11th November
Edinburgh 25th November
Leeds Bradford 13th January 2013

Newcastle & Luton to be announced …

Take care

Paul & Richard
Virgin Atlantic 'Flying Without Fear'

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