Thursday, 10 May 2012

Frequent flyers don't get nervous!

From Google Alerts. How little do these people know about how fear works?! 

It reads, 'Why would a frequent flyer need the airline's 'flying without fear' course?'

Flying frequently doesn't mean you don't have a fear.  Of the 2-3,000 people we come into contact with each year, the ratio on our courses is roughly:

5-10 % never flown

40 % Flew at some point and then stopped (bad experience, having children, stress at work or some other reason that they can't fathom stopped them)

Remainder Fly and hate it to varying levels of fear.(Some get drunk. Some take tablets. Some just dread it and can't relax the whole flight. For some it is Turbulence. Some it is enclosed spaces.)

Bottom line. There are as many different reasons for getting the fear and as many different levels of fear as there are people.


Just because you fly a lot for business or pleasure does not mean you can't develop the fear. We have a partnership with Virgin Atlantic Flying Club to offer courses to their members. These are people that fly thousands of miles per year.   There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to why they suddenly develop the fear.  There is also no shame in it either. 

Take care

Paul & Richard

Virgin Atlantic 'flying without fear' Programme

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