Sunday, 13 May 2012

Fear of the unknown

Some of the people that come to our course have never flown. Part of their fear could be called 'fear of the unknown' or, 'imagining the worst.'

99.9% of those that can be convinced to just look inside, sit down and fly are amazed at how unlike their imagination flying actually is. They have imagined a heck of a lot worse and now it is suprisingly non-eventful...  When they have taken the flight, they always say things like, 'I imagined it would be rocking and rolling all over the place and really closed in - but it wasn't.'
Separately, this comment was placed on our blog around the VS 27 incident recently.  (Not sure if you saw the coverage in the media but it was bordering on ridiculous?  'Stricken aircraft met by fire crews as passengers flee from fire!'  What TOSH!  Anyway, whoever wrote that headline has created a lot of unnecessary fear in the UK about flying now.)

  It is always good to redress the balance. 

I was on that flight to Orlando also and couldn't agree more with the comments made here by other passengers. The after care of the Virgin crew was spectacular and still continues!

Having a fear of flying, which was seeming to worsen as I get older- nausea, palpitations, sweaty palms, the lot, seems to have disappeared since the incident. My trip Orlando and back which normally Would have seen me suffering all the mentioned symptoms the whole 8 hours was a breeze, enjoyable actually!

I know now that should there be any type of emergency, the pilots and crew are perfectly capable of making the right decisions to ensure our safety.

Ironic really that an emergency should help me conquer my fear!

Thanks again Virgin for looking after us during this ordeal, from now on I will actually sit back, relax and enjoy the flight!


The crew followed procedure and all their excellent training kicked in.  This person experienced that. This has helped their fear of flying because, to date, they had imagined the worst. When the 'worst' actually happened and they walked away. It has squashed a demon in their heads.

Take care,

Paul & Richard
Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear

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