Friday, 20 April 2012

VS 27 Update

Those of you that have been following the blog will know that we posted about the VS27 flight this week. 

Here is an update from the Press Office today:

"We can confirm that the investigation following Monday's incident on flight VS27 from London Gatwick is now complete. A full technical evaluation and systems assessment has been completed in conjunction with the airworthiness authorities and the manufacturer, and the aircraft has been certified for a return to service. The investigation identified that a number of alarms were triggered in flight, in response to which our flight crew took positive action in line with procedures by returning to Gatwick and completing an evacuation of the aircraft.

The flight crew and cabin crew followed safety procedures at all times and carried out their duties in a professional manner to ensure the safety of our passengers was maintained throughout the flight and during the evacuation.

We again apologise to all of those passengers that were impacted by this difficult but rare situation."

Anna Catchpole
Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd
We think that this is very good news. The crew did what they are trained to do. It is easy to say with hindsight, perhaps they didn't need to take such positive action???  However, as we always say, SAFETY FIRST!

Paul and Richard
Virgin Flying Without Fear


  1. However it doesn't actually say what happened? What caused the incident? Yes the crew did a fine job and yes alarms were triggered. But what actually happened in the first place?

    This seems like a typical press release that tells us very little and that makes me nervous.

  2. Dear Anonymous. I know that many that read this blog will need to know EXACTLY what happened and in what order... We may have to wait a while for this level of information. We promise, anything that comes out, we will publish it here.

  3. Hi, this is long overdue but partly because I can't find where to put my thank you! If this is the wrong place please redirect it to the correct postbox...

    I went on the February course at Newcastle and it was AMAZING! Thank you so much for an exceptional day, everyone was fantastic and the course was brilliant. At my worst I've cried when the taxi arrived to take us to the airport. I've now just flown to Ireland and back (a short trip, I know, but as any fearful flyer will tell you that doesn't matter)insisting on a window seat and being completely relaxed.

    Thanks so much everyone- it is very reassuring when a pilot sits and looks out of the window getting excited and saying, 'Look at this! This is my job! How lucky am I!' (Sorry Dom if these weren't your exact words but you get the picture!)

    Everyone was excellent- please may I say a big thank you to Sarah from the cabin crew who has a lovely air of calm and composure. The beaming smile helped too!

    Your customer care is second to none and I really appreciate how you've helped me. Thank you so much.

    By the way since I'm on the reply to the blog bit I might as well add my two penn'orth about the Gatwick incident- I now take all media reports about plane 'incidents' with a pich of salt. I now interpret what is being reported and I know that the media uses hysterical language to sell papers. Well they don't fool me! I also take every opportunity to point things out to anyone who'll listen how much more dangerous driving is than flying...guess I'm just a plane bore! ;)