Thursday, 12 April 2012

Message board and 'thank yous' over the years


Been working almost non-stop for last week or so to get the message board back to its former glory. We used to have about 10,000 members and hundreds and hundreds of posts. Then it was killed by spammers!

During the manual updating, been going through the 'thank yous' messages that we could recover for years 2006-2012. It has been amazing to see the thank yous again for the majority of courses we ran each year.  It is very humbling to think of all those people that we have helped.  Have a look if you like...

Just wanted to say thank you to all those thousands of people that have posted over the years. We hope that you are still out there 'flying happily' to this day.

Anyway, here are some email thanks that came in today:
Hi Paul and Richard,
I attended the course at Gatwick on the 11th March having experienced a gradual build of anxiety the over the last few years, and then culminating in my first ever panic attack on my last flight, I was actually beginning to think I would not be able to fly again.
Well, having attended the course and managing to get on the plane (just, I was the blonde lady who sobbed outside the toilets on Paul before the amazing Gillian took control and tapped frantically for me the whole way to the airport and in the airport!!) I just had to email you to tell you about my recent holiday.
Having completed the course, I promptly cart wheeled home and booked a holiday flying out on the 31st March. Got to the airport, few tears at check in, slight anxiety but got on the plane, repeatedly doing my TFT and breathing, we pulled away from the stand to taxi to the run way, only for the plane to stop and the pilot announce that there was a fuel pump problem and we would have to go back to the stand for it to be fixed. In my previous life, I cannot even imagine the panicked frenzy this news would have sent me into, but I remembered everything Pilot Steve said on the course, and that the plane would not be allowed to take off until it was safe, one hour later I was still tapping away, and whilst I wouldn't say I was entirely happy with the situation, I was in a far better state of mind than I could ever have imagined. When we eventually took off, it was all fine, I felt safe and managed to relax a little and actually read a book, holding it in my free hands that are normally in a vice like grip around the arm rest!!
What a difference, I have never been on a plane that has had a technical problem before and what were the chances of it happening the next time I flew!!?? Remote, I would imagine, but, I am so pleased that it happened after I had been on the course.
I seriously cannot thank you enough for running the course and doing what you do. My other half is also very grateful to you all, as his flying experience was not ruined this time by his hysterical girlfriend.
Please pass on my sincere thanks to Gillian for spending the time with me repeatedly going over the TFT, I would not have got through this flight without it and the CD definitely works. I would also be more than happy for you to use this email as a testimonial, I haven't stopped talking about you all since the course and will recommend you to anyone who is ready to 'face the fear'.
Thank you thank you thank you a million time over.
Kindest regards,
Marie (West)
Hi there,
We attended your course on 22 January and successfully completed our first flight.
Since then have had a wonderful 10 night holiday in Lanzarote and hopefully now on to Cyprus in September.
No problems with the flight we actually enjoyed it.
Thanks for all your help we could not have done it without you.
Barbara & Bob
Dear Sir/Madame,

I attended one of your Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear programmes at Manchester Airport back in November 2011. I would just like to inform you that I have recently been on a short city break to Barcelona. My flying experience was great and I am now looking forward to booking my next holiday for this coming summer. Many thanks for your help in giving me the confidence to fly again.

Your Sincerely,

Take care

Paul & Richard
Virgin Flying Without Fear

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  1. Hi, this is long overdue but partly because I couldn't find where to put my thank you! If this is the wrong place please redirect it to the correct postbox...

    I went on the February course at Newcastle and it was AMAZING! Thank you so much for an exceptional day, everyone was fantastic and the course was brilliant. At my worst I've cried when the taxi arrived to take us to the airport. I've now just flown to Ireland and back (a short trip, I know, but as any fearful flyer will tell you that doesn't matter)insisting on a window seat and being completely relaxed.

    Thanks so much everyone- it is very reassuring when a pilot sits and looks out of the window getting excited and saying, 'Look at this! This is my job! How lucky am I!' (Sorry Dom if these weren't your exact words but you get the picture!)

    Everyone was excellent- please may I say a big thank you to Sarah from the cabin crew who has a lovely air of calm and composure. The beaming smile helped too!

    Your customer care is second to none and I really appreciate how you've helped me. Thank you so much.