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Fear no.8 Terrorist Threat

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Welcome to a re-run of the top ten fears that our clients used to have newseletter.

Today, we are going to talk about terrorism. Questions about terrorism come up a lot on our courses...

Fear No. 8 – Terrorist Threat
Let’s look at Terrorism.
This is a very current one since the events of September 11th 2001. It is fair to say that the world has changed since then.  Every industry and the people within it since then around the world now approach security completely differently.
The horrific events of September 11th have had a major impact on the whole aviation industry.  The procedures now in place since that event have changed dramatically.
Most terrorists tend to go for soft targets. They tend to go for areas that will cause the maximum disruption to others without them getting caught before they have performed their deed.
Airlines are not soft targets.  There is so much more that has been added to the procedures to airports. There are things that you can see such as the longer times to check in now due to your bags being screened more.
There are lots of things that go on security wise that you won't see and as non-airline
security people, we may never know about.  There are lots of changes to the systems and procedures that we are not allowed to talk about...
Some of the things that have been added at the airports include:
  • Bags are screened more
  • You are vetted more now than you used to be
  • Airlines have sky marshals on some of their flights which are a direct cost to the airline.

On board the aircraft, the flight deck is now sealed off during the flight.
A bullet proof and attack proof door blocks the Flight Crew off. There is a door entry system that the Cabin Crew have to key in to go and check on the pilots every 20 mins.
Inside the Flight Deck is a camera where the pilots can see who is keying in the code. If they don't like the look of what is happening outside, they won't allow the door to open.
So, it is not a case of a terrorist just getting the code and coming in. Even if the Cabin Crew were being held hostage, the Flight Crew will not open the doors.
The events of Sept 11th were horrific and shocked the world. The whole travel industry has had to get better with their measures. Airlines are not a soft target and even more so now.
Hope that this has helped with the question of Terrorism.
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Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear


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