Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Children's fear of flying course (updated)

Next Children's course 14th July 2012

This is something that we wanted to do for a long time. We are pleased to say that we have run quite a few now. These are different to our large style courses and are in place because we have kids and we don't want any kids to be limited.

Next course is 14th July 2012 near Gatwick again. There are only a few places going and each family costs £255 inc VAT (in other words, that covers one child and an adult.) This course can be booked online .  Here is a clip when Newsround filmed the course.

NB. If you are a parent of a nervous child and YOU are nervous, the best tip we can give you is this. Please get yourself over the fear first as it is counter productive helping your child with their fear if you still have yours! Just an opinion based on observation...

Hope to see you there.
Paul & Richard
Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear

Here is some feedback from previous courses:

Hi team,

I just wanted to say how brilliant the couse was on Saturday. Everyone was absolutely brilliant and it was really beneficial. The children being in the cockpit of the simulator was an especially good idea to take them through a flight. Everyone was patient and explained really clearly. Ralph especially with josh. Thank you so much. Hopefully next time we fly it will be a little calmer.
Thank you.

Dear fwf,

I have been meaning to contact you for some time to thank you once again for the course you ran for children in July.I brought my son Elliot along and
  was very pleased with the way the morning was run. Following the day Elliot said that he  would be "prepared to try flying." My husband booked a flight from Stansted to Glasgow for the two of them and  this took place on September 12th. They went to watch Celtic play football which was an experience in itself,  but for me waiting at home for news, it was brilliant to get a text from Elliot saying, "Landed safely, I really enjoyed 
it, great views from 36,000ft." From what he said I think the simulator obviously helped but the biggest
  factor for him was the information he got from the pilot, it all made sense to him and allayed the fears that he had  accumulated. I thought it was great that all the children's questions were dealt with honestly which can't have been easy.  I can only thank you all again and continue to recommend you to anyone who asks me about the course.
Reproduced with permission

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