Tuesday, 27 March 2012

How much do you want to beat this fear?

A question we ask at the beginning of the psychology section on every course we run:

(Please answer this question in your head now)

'On a scale of 1-10, how much do you want to beat this fear of flying?'

What answer did  you give?

Most people on the course will answer 10/10. Others, will say different scores. Such as, 6/10 - 'I am thinking about it...'

The question only asks 'how much do you want to beat this fear...'

The question does not say, how much do you believe you can beat the fear, it just asks how much you want to beat it. 

So, if you answered anything less than 10/10, please ask yourself this:

Why are you holding something back?  Is there a part of you that doesn't want to get rid of the fear?  A score of anything less than 10/10 suggests that a part of you is holding you back - does it not?

It is natural to hold back a little when it comes to facing a fear, but if you are not saying 10/10 for wanting to beat it, then it might be worth thinking about these questions:

  • When you are over your fear, where will you travel to?
  • What will it give you or enable you to do that you can't do now?
  • Who won't you be passing the fear onto if you can get rid of it?
  • What inconvenience does not liking flying cause you right now?

One of the many beautiful places to visit around the world....

This picture came from an article in Yahoo Travel with 10 fantastic photos from around the world...
10 Fantastic places

Take care

Paul & Richard

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