Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Famous attendees

Somebody came on our last fear of flying course at Birmingham who is a well known celebrity. They came as a normal paying customer and we didn't know that they were coming.

We treated him exactly the same as anyone else that has a fear because he is/was.

A lot of other delegates that were on the course also recognized him but and thankfully didn't bother him for his famousness. Many people told us that it was reassuring to see famous people got scared too!

Curious that don't you think?

We have loads of celebs appear and we suddenly realise they are there - in fact, quite a few comedians and public figures (our lips are sealed for obvious reasons - the only ones we talk about publicly are those that have asked us to do so)

Personally, as a person who wouldn't recognize a famous person if they stood up in my soup, it makes no difference to me who joins us.

Everyone has a right to have their fear taken seriously and given the help they need when they have decided they are ready for it.

The fear is the equalizer amongst our course attendees. These are men, women and children. All walks of life and the age range spanning from 6 up to 84. Anything is possible once you have decided to do something about it.

Once you rock up on our course, we will do whatever we can to help you regardless of who you are.

The reason that this blog was written was that we got some feedback recently saying all the video testimonials on our current site are famous people not ordinary folk. And the question asked was, 'Why is that?'

The answers:
1. Some people are reassured thinking, 'if it is good enough for Whoopi, it is good enough for me!'
2. We didn't have decent quality footage of everyday folk. The last blog contained a link to our recently uploaded YouTube clip which is below - there are everyday folk on that!

Take care

Paul & Richard

Paul Tizzard

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