Saturday, 24 March 2012

Children's fear of flying course

Children's fear of flying course

It is very easy to learn a fear of anything at any age.  Fear of flying is no different.

Children can pick it up too. We have lots of people contact to see if we can help their children with a fear of flying. That is why we started specialised kid's courses a few years ago. 

Although the adult courses work great, they are huge.  Also, they are full of adults.  So, our children's course runs slightly.  We run it with a maximum of 8 children. (The adult companion comes for free)  The course is a half day run in a simulator near Gatwick.  The typical age of the children tends to be between 6-13.  Once you get past 13, they are mini-adults really. 

The course has been really helpful to those that have joined us so far.  Here is a clip of one of our courses as shown on Newsround.

Next Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear course for children is on Saturday 14th July 2012.

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Paul & Richard
Virgin Flying Without Fear

By the way, what you do you think of our new website?  Launched Friday complete with snags.  We liked it so much, we didn't want to wait until it was completely perfect so it is a work in progress...

Next fear of flying course dates:


22nd April - Luton
29th April - Manchester
6th May    - Edinburgh
20th May  - Leeds Bradford
10th June  - Birmingham
24th June  - Southampton
8th July     - Gatwick
14th July   - Kid's Course Nr Gatwick


  1. Trying To Face The Fear24 March 2012 at 20:55

    The course for kids looks great. Question: Are there more of these simulators about and are they available to help adults practise dealing with specific fears e.g. the sensations of take-off?

    1. Thank you for posting. We do have access to simulators (the full spec pilot training simulators) but this option is quite expensive. Happy to discuss though if you drop me a line.