Friday, 3 February 2012

What have you done to me?

As you might expect, we get loads of emails and thank yous all the time.  We never tire of reading them because we know how significant beating a fear of flying is. 

We know that you can manage your life without flying.  However, not flying due to fear robs you and the people that still love you at the moment(!) of choices about how they travel.

It is not uncommon for people to tell us that they drive to Russia rather than fly!
Anyway, here is an email we received today.

Dear Team,
My son bought for me a place in Manchester on your Flying without Fear course. I have to say, that although never really understanding why, the result of attending this course was truly unbelievable, what a great team, especially Captain Dominic who was just brilliant. I still believe passengers like myself can never completely, in all areas, conquer their fear, however, this course to me, made the most amazing difference to my flying experience, at last thinking about a holiday was not marred by the thought of flying it was now the destination that was foremost in my mind.

Totally relaxed on the 45 minute course flight, my next experience was with Easyjet on a short flight to Nice, I pointed out to the cabin crew that I might be slightly nervous, but hopefully would enjoy the experience, they were excellent and asked me on a couple of occasions if I was okay and kindly brought me a complimentary coffee.
Nice email?

Take care

Paul & Richard
Virgin Flying Without Fear

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