Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Oh my! Another thank you

This came in today. These sort of messages are very motivating to the team but also are just great to read...----------------------------------------------------------------------
I am writing to say 'oh my'!
I attended the Flying without fear programme on 6 November in preparation for my trip to Barbados on the 20 January.
I say 'oh my' because all of the anxieties I would usually have prior to during and after any flight did not materialise.
My first fear was to sit anywhere near the window or over a wing and my seat going out was intentionally booked as you might have guess by the window over the wing. I did move quite early on in the flight only because flying does tend to act as a diuretic and I didn't want my fellow passenger hitting me after my continual to-ing and froing to the loo :-)! That said I couldn't believe that I hadnt even realised we had taken off as I was happily reading my magazine - first result!
Second result was during the flight when the pilot had to put on the seat belt sign due to turbulence, that is usually my cue to start perspiring profusely and the stewards having to give me focussed attention. Well I am pleased to say the stewards were allowed to get on with more worthy jobs than tending to me in my panicked state as I was totally unphased by the rocking of the plane.
I walked around, drank (responsibly!), read and watched movies and before I knew it I was in sun soaked Barbados, had a wonderful time and the flight back I am afraid to say was equally uneventful.
I cant thank you enough for putting all my years of panic into perspective and giving me 'hopefully' a few more years panic free flying.

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