Sunday, 5 February 2012

Newcastle course 5th February 2012

It started out very snowy and cold and we were wondering if we would get an aircraft. But we did.

We flew and we were able to take in some beautiful scenery from 20,000 feet above Newcastle.

A great bunch of people came today and we even had someone that used to train it to China rather than fly!

Three people that came today had never flown and they are now flying - amazing stuff huh!?

Hope that they all enjoyed their day!

Take care
Paul and Richard
Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear

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  1. If you are thinking about booking on this course please take 2 minutes to read my feedback:

    I attended the Newcastle Flying Without Fear course yesterday and would definitely recommend it to anyone who has never flown and is worried about flying/ hates the thought of flying or completely avoids flying.

    Until yesterday I fell into the category of “hate flying” and only do so after a number of drinks in the departure lounge. The course provides you with reassurance, facts about flying and aircraft (not “the bloke down the pub said) as well as a number of techniques to help you if / when you become anxious on a flight.

    To highlight a few key sessions from the day you will hear from:

    A Virgin captain who was extremely knowledgeable, honest and completely changed my perception of flying explaining what would happen if ….. – I now know there is a procedure for just all the what ifs you are worried about!!!

    Experienced Cabin Crew – who explained just what they are trained in – they are so, so much more than just someone to provide you food and drink on your flight.

    A trained Psychologist – who will give you a number of invaluable techniques to help overcome your anxiety and look to change your thought process when you are on a flight.

    With my work, I have attended a number of courses and can honestly say it was one of the most beneficial, enjoyable and productive days I think I have ever spent – it was also really good fun - so don’t put off flying – admit you have a fear, book on the course and see if they can help you.

    So to conclude – don’t put it off any longer –accept you have a fear of flying - book on the course and go to the day open minded – for me the course was worth every penny and am now not concerned about my flight to Florida in a few months.