Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Life is too short

This particular article on Yahoo Travel caught my eye because it began, 'Life is too short so visit before it is too late!'

Ten must see places to see before you die

Might sound a little morbid?

We think, at Flying Without Fear, it is never too late. Whether you have a fear of flying 2 months or all your life, it can still be reversed.

We have just seen over a hundred people steady themselves and face their fears last weekend at Birmingham. We have another course coming up on March 11th at Gatwick which is going to be another corker of a course.

Last weekend we saw the following sort of make up within the room:

60 % Women 39 % Men.  1 % young person

Over 90 % admitted to not liking enclosed space
About 80% said they hated turbulence

7% never flown
Remaining either fly and hate it or have flown at some point in their lives

There were people there who said that they never could believe it possible to beat their fear. And then they flew!

Being able to fly is about having choices.  If you don't fly, you can manage around it. But - at what cost.
Don't give up.

Take care

Paul & Richard
Virgin Flying Without Fear

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