Monday, 6 February 2012

Leeds Course 8th January 2012 thankyous

This may seem a little late to post but since our message board was killed by spammers(!) we have not really had a good way to display the thank yous that people write to us post course.

So here are three of the emails we received - one just yesterday!


I attended the FWF course at Leeds-Bradford on 8th January. I would like to feedback that I thought the whole day was excellent and I'm glad I finally did it. It was good to meet others like me and not feel stupid about my fear. The team on the day were very supportive and welcoming. I still can't believe I finally got on a plane after over 6 years of avoiding it. On the 2nd of March I am taking a short flight from Leeds to Paris, I am determined to do it and hope that the tools from the FWF course will ensure I get through it.

My family & friends are amazed I booked myself on the course and that I took a flight, I would recommend the Virgin course to anyone!

Kind regards

Hayley F



I attended the course at Leeds/Bradford yesterday and just wanted to say “Thank You”. I had a fantastic day and although at the time I didn’t feel as though I had actually achieved anything I have realised since how much I really did get out of it. I actually got on a plane on my own without any of my family – never would I have thought I could do that. In fact I was trying to encourage and comfort 2 other ladies!

I can’t say I will ever actually enjoy flying but I must admit I am quite looking forward to my next flight to see if my mind set has changed as much as it feels it has.

Thanks again (if you ever need any volunteers on you Leeds courses you know where to find me!!)



Dear All
Just to say a Big Thank you for a most inspiring day.

I did not know what to expect.
Everybody was so very nice and it made it so enjoyable for me.

The talks from the various people were interesting and informative but also lighthearted and we had a laugh.

Cant wait to go on my holidays do not know when, but I hope that it will not be too long because I must practise the techniques Jill taught us

To listen to Dom was amazing and I would like to take him with wherever I go, he made it so much easier to understand when he told us what was going on when we were flying one could do with a Mr Dom on every flight,

Paul it was great fun to listen to you, and Richard you were very polished and thank you once again,
I certainly will recommend you

Kind regards


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