Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Interesting article

This particular blog was inspired by the Newslite article that reproduced some research by Premier Inn. 

Two things came up that we thought were to talk about.

1.  A lot of people would rather drive than fly and we think that this company is trying to appeal to that market (tongue in cheek)

Terrafugia flying car is one step closer to release flying Car

2.  On a more serious note, below is some information that came from Newslite... We know that this is true as the thousands of people that we have helped, have told us so.

Millions of Brits have never set foot on foreign soil - because they are scared of flying, a study revealed yesterday.
Researchers found one in twenty adults has never left the UK because they are petrified of getting on a plane.

Incredibly, a further one in ten Brits have travelled to Europe by ferry, the Eurostar or the Eurotunnel rather than board a holiday jet.

Holidays aren't the only thing fearful flyers miss out on, the poll also found millions have missed weddings, stag parties and funerals due to their phobia.

One in six said they have even failed to turn up at an airport to catch pre-booked flights because their fear is so strong.
A spokesman for Premier Inn, which commissioned the study, said: "We conducted this research not knowing the huge numbers of people that had fears of flying.

"The results show that it's a common phobia and many people live their life around their fear of flying."

The study also found of those who are frightened of flying but still fly - 23 per cent drink alcohol to calm their nerves before a flight.

And more than a quarter knock back a tipple on board to take the edge off their fear.

A third seeks solace in herbal remedies or something the doctor has given them and one in ten even confess to doing 'something embarrassing' because they were so frightened.

Crying was the most likely, followed by screaming and even grabbing a stranger's hand.
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