Friday, 10 February 2012

Bings and Bongs

I was at a pub night recently, the subject of 'what do you do for a living' came up.  As soon as I said that I work with a team to help people beat their fear of flying, I received a very common response from one person. 

I am not nervous, I just study the Cabin Crew and if they look ok, then I am ok.

I don't think that this is a good strategy actually.  If someone studied you during your working day, what conclusions might they draw from your facial expressions??!?

Cabin Crew at work are at work. You may study them, see them frown and 'know' something is going on.  The reality is that it is probably that they have run out of Chicken Curry with 50 passengers still left to feed! 

As you look at David Gott here (one of our key team) he looks concerned. Unless you can lip read, you don't know that two of the toilets are now blocked!

The same goes for bings and bongs. These are not secret messages.  There are different bells that go off for different things. The exciting array that exists is not limited to the following:

Phone call from another crew member
Passenger call bell
Toilet call bell
Stuck in toilet call bell

Different airlines have different bings and bongs. There are a couple of other in some aircraft that mean smoke has been detected in a toilet but as they vary, I can't tell you what is what.

This is the main point: If you need to know anything about the journey that is going to affect you, the crew are obligated to tell you. If you are ever concerned about noises or movement, then mention it to the Cabin Crew. 

Hope that helps a little with that particular one?

Take care

Paul & Richard

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