Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Weather

Oh how us Brits like to talk about the weather! 

With good reason right now. In the UK, last night and today it has been horrid....

The reason I mention this is that we are often asked on our fear of flying courses about the weather. 

There are lots of things I could say here but in a nutshell, this is our take on weather....

1. The weather at ground level is not necessarily indicative of the weather 'up there.'  For example, a lot of previously nervous flyers will say, 'Thank goodness it is sunny today, I hate turbulence.'  The theory is that nice weather down 'ere will mean no turbulence up there.... Unfortunately, if you are trying to avoid turbulence, it is always there. Turbulence is just movement of air.  Plus, on a warm day, movement of air is created by thermals rising up etc etc. 

2.  There are strict limits that airports have around weather.  Side winds have speed limits.  Thunderclouds over an airport will stop take offs and landings.   So, if it is windy outside, and your pilots go to take off then it is safe to do so. Why would they risk their own lives to take off outside of the safety envelope or limits?  They have families too...
3.  Wind is good. Wind has energy.  Aircraft like wind.  Gulf Streams (wind with attitude) are massive wind rivers for want of an expression. Aircraft jump in them as they give you extra speed hence quicker journeys back from the USA.

So remember, turbulence is safe just could be uncomfortable.  The weather that commercial airlines fly in is 'within the safety limits.'
Take care

Flying Without Fear Team

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