Thursday, 19 January 2012

Thank you email

We get lots of great thank you emails, texts and post cards from previous attendees.

The email below is just one that came in today to two of our super team leaders and I thought it was worthy of telling you about it.

Here it is:

Hi Peter and Janet, it's 5:30 am here in the USA and our first morning! I can't believe I'm here, what can a say about the flight?

Well it was long slightly boring and the food was better than my last flight 20 years ago lol!

Take off was fine really smooth and I didn't even break out a sweat! There was quite a lot of turbulence but as I know it's safe and normal and the seatbelt signs are just precautionary I genuinely smiled all the way through. I can't believe that I'm here finally on a holiday after being to petrified to even contemplate going in an airport let alone boarding a plane. To be honest it was not really an event that bothered me.

So all I can say is thank you so much for chasing me down the corridor and talking me round to do the course that day. It has turned my entire thought process around (I even visited the dentist for the first time in 8 years with my new techniques) time to get ready for Disney now!

Thank you so much for helping me to achieve m y dream of taking my two special little girls to a place most children only dream of.

Thank you so much (a post card will follow) x x Hannah x x Sent from my i Phone

Hannah must have had quite a strong fear reaction that day as she ran off as the course started. Our vigilant and caring team leaders spotted this and helped her. What a great result now for Hannah isn't it?

Take care
Paul and Richard
Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear
Paul Tizzard

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