Monday, 23 January 2012

Luton Fear of flying course

People often ask us about how successful the courses are...

'How can you boast 98% success rate then?'

This is measured two ways:

First obvious way is numbers that board versus numbers that came onto the course. This is ok but what about those that fly anyway?

This is the second measure.  On random courses, we ask people at the beginning of the day and the end of the day, the same question:

'How do you feel about flying on a scale of 1-10?'

All we are looking for is an improvement.  For some, this will be massive.  For others, more incremental.
On our recent Leeds course, 43 people attended and 43 people flew and 43 people said that they felt improved towards flying.  That would be 100% for what it is worth!

On Sunday 22nd January at Luton Airport, we had 63 evaluation forms returned.  61 people felt that they had improved and lots of them quite dramatically.  2 people felt no different but thought the day was 'great.'  All of those that gave us the forms flew that day too.
So far, 100%. However, we had around 100 people and 3 didn't fly.  Now down to 97% on that score! 

We don't know how the others that didn't fill the evaluation forms felt because they were so elated that they didn't stay for the end of day question and answer session.

We love running these courses. There is a team leader on each table and they are volunteers on expenses only.  To run our course yesterday, some of them got out of bed at 4 AM on a Sunday morning. Would you do that for work?  They love running the courses with us. We couldn't do it without them and they are just a brilliant bunch.

Some of the comments are reproduced below:

'Thank you for encouraging me to start a new phase in my life'
'Excellent techniques and something I will treasure forever.'
'Thank you - I think I can do it now without feeling that my stomach is in my throat and in tears!'
'I feel very proud of myself - I haven't flown for 40 years due to my fear.'

Take care

Paul & Richard

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