Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Today, unashamedly, I would like to promote our lovely little book.  We wrote it a wee while ago and we are in the process of updating for second edition.... However, in the meantime, I have just converted it to a Kindle book this very morning. 

It will take about 2 days for it to go live but it is mostly there - hoorah!

In line with saving money for Kindle books, it is cheaper than buying a hardback version.

We thought it might be a great way to get the book 'out there' for the kindle- carrying-travelling-public.

Brief Description:
152 pages of questions that come up on our fear of flying courses are answered in this. We took about three years of collating the questions and then summarised the answers into the main ones.  If you ever wondered why there are life jackets instead of parachutes, then this book answers that!

Take care
Paul and Richard

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