Monday, 2 January 2012

Dragons of thin air

This is not meant as necessarily a promotion of a book but I guess it will be inadvertently.  Unfortunately, I am going to have a bit of a rant too....

Doug Worrall has brought out a book called 'Dragons of Thin Air.'
I have spoken with Capt Doug in the past and he is a kind, decent and well meaning person. He works in Australia and is committed to helping people to beat their fears of flying. Especially, children. I find that this is admirable work.  I know that his book will approach the fear of flying from a very generous route. He will use a 'user-friendly' approach to help get the information across. 

I have read a review by a Captain that runs a certain type of course in the US and I am shocked.  I have noticed that this particular individual will criticise any other resource that comes out to help fear of flying. He is all over forums and message boards promoting his own work. He is very dismissive of any other efforts from anyone else. This makes me quite angry actually. We are all here to help people like you to beat their fears. It is a very honourable and rewarding thing to do.  There is nothing to gained by taking swipes at the 'competition' as far as I can see. 

The US Captain thinks that if you have a fear of flying, you probably received defective parenting!  This is in line with a particular area of therapy that believes this is the route cause to all fear of flying....

We don't accept this as the total picture.  Most of the clients we see with fear of flying are normal, highly functioning people. They have this fear and maybe they have some other fears too. In all other aspects of their life, they hold down jobs, get kids to school and perform a myriad of other things that many other people might find daunting such as speaking in public or riding motorbikes.

So, let's not knock other people or organisations that are just tyring to help you all. WE are ALL here to help the nervous public.

Take care

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  1. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for your comments and observations. It was certainly was an interesting(!) response on the US website to my book, particularly given he hadn't read it. Oh well, you're gonna get that from time to time if you stick your head up and try to help!

    As always, I am very supportive of your efforts, particularly your Fear of Flying courses for kids and, I too, think there is more to it that our US friend believes.

    In fact, it is in no small part the conversations and generous sharing of knowledge from yourself and Richard C a couple of years ago that motivated me to extract a digit and get this book made. Thanks guys!

    Wishing all at Flying Without Fear a brilliant New Year!

    Doug Worrall
    Author: Dragons of Thin Air - A Most Unusual Fear of Flying Course

    PS: I have forwarded a couple of copies of Dragons to you, for your amusement... Should be there in the next few days. :-)