Monday, 30 January 2012

Does your course work?

This is one of my favourite questions that we get asked.

The easy answer would be yes. However, I suspect that there is more to the question.

The simple part of me wants to answer:

The course starts, it covers stuff and then it ends. Yes, it works.

The more considered answer is this:

The course offers you information and techniques to give you choices about whether to fly or not in the future. The course is not what makes our success rate stick around 98%. It is the people that attend who decide to do something different as a result of joining us. Our years of thinking about and honing the courses, count for nowt if people turn up knowing that they are beyond help!

We could do cartwheels out to greet you and juggle bananas whilst speaking and it matters not a jot. Not a jot compared to our delegates turning up with an open mind.

If you come to us with a truly open mind and are willing to change the way you think and feel about flying, we can help you.

If you don't believe you can be helped; or think that your fear is worse than anyone else; that you were born with this fear and nothing can change it - you will win!

No course or therapy is good enough to get past that sort of mindset. It doesn't mean we won't try!

The reality is this: If you are determined to keep the fear, you will.

We love helping people change their views on flying. And we do a heck of a lot considering it is just one day.

You may have spent years developing and maintaining your fear. If you are willing to put the same commitment into getting rid of the fear and involve us as part of the process, you have an excellent chance of getting rid of the fear. Or, at worst, learn to control it instead of the fear controlling you!

What do you think? Is that a fair answer to the question, 'does your course work?'

Take care
Paul and Richard

Paul Tizzard

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