Wednesday, 25 January 2012

British Airways Pilots become light headed

You may have seen this story about the BA pilots landing due to feeling light headed?  Anyone with a fear of flying and perhaps many that don't might wonder what is going on???

British Airways light headed

This is our take on this article:

1/ We weren't there so we can't let this story get into our psyche when it is unsubstantiated
2/ If this is what happened, they followed procedure.
3/ They have their own independent oxygen supply in the flight deck that they can use so I wonder why they would need extra oxygen?
4/ When an aircraft says that they want to come in for a priority landing (There is pilot talk versions of this but I want to keep to plain speak not jargon) everything will scramble and meet the aircraft. Emergency services at Airports are thankfully not needed very often so they need practice at responding to incidents.  They need to practice their drills too don't they.
5/ This incident (if it occurred as it is reported) will be thoroughly investigated and findings are published not hushed up.  Safety is first for airlines as without safety there is no customers to serve!

Basically, be curious if something is mentioned in the press. However, part of the process of being rid of this fear is to know when to stop reading or listening to what is reported.  Why?  You finding out more and more then creates images in your mind and you are reinforcing the fear all over again.  Whatever happened has happened. If it is even true, it is investigated, learned from and we all are a little bit safer as a result of it.

Take care

Paul and Richard

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