Thursday, 26 January 2012

Another nice thank you

We are fortunate to receive lots of praise for just doing something we love doing. What a great life hey???

In the modern age, we don't get as many postcards as we used to since the introduction of Smart Phones! We do get lots of emails. Here is a great one that came in this week...
I've just returned from a 2 week holiday to Florida, flying with Virgin
Atlantic. I really enjoyed the 9 hour flight, making good use of Gillian's
relaxation CD.

On the return journey, we even hit some clear air turbulence, and strangely
it seemed quite exciting. I think I was more calm than most people, as I
understood what was happening. It seemed like quite bad bad turbulence -
Coffee was just starting to be served (I guess it usually happens that way)
so there was quite lot of coffee sloshing around the plane, and the air
hostesses ended up lying on the isle floor!!

Before the course I would have been very reluctant to go on the flight, and
even if I had I'm sure the turbulence would have been a nightmare for me.
You must have cured me :-)

Best Regards,

By the way...
Did you see those words together in the same sentence - turbulence and exciting!?!

How many of you are there yet I wonder...

Take care

Paul & Richard.

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