Friday, 13 January 2012

A380 Cracks

Hello from us in UK on Friday the 13th. Good day to write about superstitions and the like....

I found an article online from someone called 'Airline Reporter' who is talking about the Qantas A 380 cracks that were found.  I like his style so I have put a link here for you to see it.  He has taken quite a practical view of the whole thing and I like it.

Some people aren't flying today because it is Friday the 13th.  Some airlines don't have row 13. Some hotels don't have floor 13.
What is all this about? 

Aircraft are checked every day of their lives. They have more intensive checks that any other form of transport as it is legal that they must.  What difference would Friday the 13th make as the aircraft doesn't know what day it is?  It is in the same area as the earlier blog called suspicious minds which is here if you want it.

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Paul and Richard
Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear

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