Friday, 30 December 2011

Russian Aircrash

This week, you may have seen  footage of the upside down Soviet-Built Jet land at Osh, Kyrgyzstan?

The message that we at Virgin's Flying Without Fear programme have for you is this:

If you are a nervous flyer, please don't read anymore about this incident. Those with a fear of flying will read every tiny bit of information about this incident and this will feed the fear.  It doesn't do you or those passengers any good reading all about the incident at this stage does it? 
Every time you read the articles and think about the crash of the TU - 134, you imagine yourself in that aircraft and what it must have been like for them. Your body will produce all the fear chemicals and you will be reinforcing the very fear that you are trying to get rid of. 

A couple of critical things to think about. 

1. Whilst not pleasant and not the way they hoped to spend their day, they all lived.
2. Anything that is reported about this incident right now, is based on first reports. These are not the final and definitive reports about what happened.  Anything that is learned from the investigation will be published and all pilots that need to learn about what happened will be briefed. In other words, whatever is discovered about the incident; procedures or training or equipment or something will be changed as a result of this.

Don't feed the fear by reading about this and watching all the footage as it won't help you or them.

Take care

Paul and Richard
Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear Team

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