Thursday, 15 December 2011

Aren't those aircraft close?

Walking to school this morning in leafy Surrey with my daughter, she glances up and says, 'Aren't those aeroplanes close?'

This made me think.  What if you didn't know about all the rules that govern spacing in the air?  If you know this sort of thing, you can dismiss the idea that they are close. 

If you are near an airport and glance up, you will see aircraft all over the place. They may look close.  The reassuring comment that I would make at this point is this. The space above is very strictly controlled. We spent some time in Air Traffic Control which was mind blowing. The procedures in place to keep us safe are simply amazing. 

So, if you can, put it out your mind. You are safer up there than where you are looking up there from.

Take care
Paul Tizzard
Flying Without FearVirgin Flying Without Fear

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