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Flying Without Fear Blog 25th May 2018

Greetings and welcome to the May 2018 Blog.

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Thanks on message board - with a difference!
I woke at four that Sunday morning

And thought, "All I have to do is switch off the alarm -
Nobody will miss me."
But then I knew yet again I had been beat.
So I got the car airport-bound trundling
Wondering if I would come to what harm
Why don't I turn back - nobody will miss me -
But no, new acquaintances I could meet.

I was so glad I did not listen to my thoughts
I met some incredible folk
Other people in the same boat as I
Helped along by a fantastic team.
Paul, Conway, Gary, Jo and all the others brought
Such peace of mind through shared info
That many times we laughed rather than cry
And frowns gave way to a beam.

It isn't just relaxation techniques shared
It was all the information given
It was all the support, and care
And compassion and friendship
That each one of us received beyond compare
In a friendly and thoughtful way driven
We asked lots of questions, and their
Answers were very complete and deep.

It came time to go to the flight
And we used the information that day
One or two of us, myself included, said
Maybe we will see how we feel at the door
A little while later, to our total delight
We were sat in our seats, ready to away
How much we realised had been given to our heads
Equipping us for our flight tour.

I should imagine I can say for us all
It would have been difficult without the Coaching Team
So to Richard, Paul, Karen and our dear Jo
And all the other team, whose names I do not know
To the FlyBe and airport staff and all
A huge huge thank you
I could not have done it without you
I could not have managed to get on the plane without you

You have and are fantastic
The course is spot on
And just a huge huge thank you again and again
And again and again, you are all very mega.

From us:
Thank you so much for taking the time to write your thanks in such a novel way.

Words Matter

Over the years, we have noticed that anxious people literally pick up on every word that is mentioned during our course.  This is the watchful nature of the brain looking out for signs of danger.  We know this and take great care to use correct language that answer your questions without making the situation worse in your heads.  For example, words we use everyday mean different things in aviation.  

Redundancy normally means loss of job
Redundancy to us means having spare capacity and back up systems

Stalling means your engine stopping in your car.  Aircraft engines don't stall.

Despite knowing this, on one recent courses, we noticed that we used the following words all in one day... We are not helping ourselves or are we being over sensitive?

Pilot during his introduction to the course:
'Today, ladies and gentlemen, I am going to give you a crash course on how safe flying is!'

Same pilot later on:
'We are about to go for a break, any burning questions?!'

From one of the founders:
'We are going to go to the terminal (the end!) for our flight - see you on the other side...sorry I meant the departure lounge (for the dearly departed)'

Courses are getting full quicker

Thank you to all those people that joined us over the last two full courses.  They do seem to fill up very quickly these days. We are so grateful for all of you that have trusted us to hep them beat their fears.  We are working on new dates.

Birmingham coming up early June and then a welcome return to Southampton at the end of June.

Take care,

Paul & Richard
Flying Without Fear Team

Our Book:
flying without fear - 101 fear of flying questions answered (Amazon)

3rd June 2018 (full)

24th June 2018

Friday, 27 April 2018

Flying Without Fear Blog April 2018

Welcome to the April flying without fear blog for nervous flyers past and present!

This month, we have been mega busy with two sold out fear of flying courses in Birmingham and Manchester.  Some of the feedback is below to show you that these amazing people are just like you.

Birmingham 22nd April Thank You!

"I had a great day today, although in part,  some of it was emotional! The Team are amazing. Each one has something unique to offer.  From the start  and up to the end, everyone was very friendly and caring. I wasn't made to feel silly for feeling scared.  Everything was put into perspective and answered honestly.

We had very experienced Team Leaders, all of whom have flown all over the world in many different aircraft for many hours.  My special thanks goes to Captain Dave.
It was an very informative morning, he spoke about the physics and mechanics of the aircraft, and why the plane does what it does and what travelling by air is really all about.

Being amongst the clouds on this beautiful day was something that I could never of

imagined. The last time I flew was nearly 9 years ago. With the help from all of the Virgin Team and my fellow fear beaters, (all of whom had many varied reasons for doing this and why it was so important) we took our seats. I will never forget it, and I have the certificate and boarding card to remind me, that I have nothing to worry about.  I'm really looking forward to visiting Venice this September. Thank you everyone,  it's been fantastic.

Please do this, it really is the safest mode of transport, and although you may still feel slightly uncomfortable, it is totally safe.  Even the take off, which I dreaded. 

Today was the just the best because  "I did it", and so can you."

You can see more of these comments on our 'Message Board.'

Where do you fly on your courses?

A lot of people ask us this before they decide whether to book. Sometimes, the unspoken question can be, 'How long do I have to put up with the near death experience?!' Others take a different view and they are asking to make sure it is long enough to get a realistic experience of a typical flight - not like a fifteen minute flight for example. 

Typically, a flight lasts between 30 - 45 minutes but can be longer on occasions.  Here is the flight path from our last course at Birmingham.   Thanks to Chris Rolinson, Team Leader and former nervous flyer.

By the way, in case you are wondering...

We did land, it is just below a certain altitude, the app Chris was using doesn't show landing. 

Things people say...

At the beginning of every course, we ask our delegates, 'What are your questions or what do you need to get from our course?

One comment caught our eye. 

'I am scared of the noises on-board the aircraft but not half as scared as no noises!'

Something we hear a lot of people say before flying...
'Have a safe flight.' 

You have probably heard people say this sort of thing all of the time?!  We know how safe flying is so from our point of view, there is no other kind of flight!  Despite what you might hear and might believe, commercial flying is incredibly safe.

Southwest Airlines flight 1380

We have received quite a few questions about the terrible incident last week with the Southwest Airlines flight.  It was a  tragedy and nothing we can say will make it go away. 

However, flying has got so safe that this is something none of us hear at flying without fear could have imagined happening.  The Daily Mail reported that there has not been a fatality on a domestic flight since 2009!  Compare that with the world's road where, according to the institute of advanced motorists, 3,500 are killed every day.   Not trying to make light of the incident at all - it is just important to keep a sense of perspective.  Flying is not 100% safe. Living is not 100% safe either. However, with all the regulations, training, checking, regulations, back up systems and no blame safety culture ...commercial flying is not far off 100% safe. In fact, if you want to live longer, you should fly more.  

The investigation will be carried out thoroughly and the results will be published publicly. In the meantime, as the investigators work out what happened to prevent a re-occurrence, every airline that flies that type of aircraft and uses that engine type will be doing extra checks. That is just the way we operate. Safety first. Always.  

Take care

Paul and Richard
Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear

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3rd June 2018

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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Flying without fear Blog March 2018

Greetings - welcome to the March Blog.

A returner - Lee Midwinter 1st course Sept 1997!

Lee came and joined us at March Gatwick course to say hello. He came on the original fear of flying course way back then. This is his certificate from those days.

Two years later he popped in to say hi and we had a special guest who turned up to help us - Danny La Rue.

Since then, Lee has jumped out of aircraft and is a helicopter pilot.  This is a man that used to drive to Russia rather than fly!  Such is the power of fear of flying.  Now, he proves anything is possible once you set your mind to it.


The gift of death!
This is a question that came through our message board:

I want to give your fear of flying course as a surprise gift to a friend - any tips?

We said:

We would suggest that you involve your friend in the decision as a lot of people are often horrified with the gift - unless they are ready to face the fear. If they are not ready and you surprise them they will hear 'I have a gift of death for you!' 
Forgive the poor humour but hopefully my positive intention of helping will come through?
The reply:

So glad you gave me that tip. We had a quiet word over coffee a couple of days ago but this fear seems to be deeply ingrained. Lots of head shaking I'm afraid and it appears she may even have a fear of the course itself. Anyway, I left her with a couple of printouts from your website and just a few pages of the latest testimonials along with an offer to attend the course alongside her should she eventually decide to go ahead. I'm not one for badgering people and I've told her I'll go quiet now so it really will be up to her to make the next step. Oh, and I found a copy of your Flying Without Fear book as well so I may well pass that on if she starts to show further interest. Fingers crossed.
Everything is 'lifed.'

In my car, something fell off.  It just stopped working and fell off. 
Got me thinking, if that was an aircraft part, we would already know when it was likely to break and we have changed it already! For example, if we knew a widget would wear out after five years, we would change it at three years and still be checking it all the time before that.  Safety first!
Thank you by email - with a difference!
From: jane.s
Sent: 9 March 2018 8:47 p.m.
Subject: Gatwick 4th March

I attended your course at Gatwick last week and have read the uplifting messages that have been sent to you. I can't top any of them but thought I would send you my:


1. To test the theory that turbulence is sexy, I might have to flirt with it first.

2. I don't need to cling to the arm rests. The plane can get off the ground without my help.

3. Suck, squeeze, bang, blow - apart from engines, I will find something else in life to apply this to!

4. Airport security has improved since the days of Croydon airfield. I didn't know you had to take your socks off!

5. I will relax and stop using my shoulders as earrings.

6. Wings aren't glued to the sides of the plane therefore they can't fall off.

7. The best place to be on a plane? The correct answer is NOT "on the ground".

8. Although the best seat is in fact where the pilot sits, I will be fine looking out to the side and not straight ahead.

9. Planes don't drop, they descend!

10. I never knew how much fun you could have ( with your clothes on ), on a day out with 130 complete strangers! 


Best wishes
Jane S

More thanks...

From: claremc
Sent: 6 March 2018 5:05 p.m.
To: fwf
Subject: Gatwick -4th March 2018

You probably get lots of these messages after your courses, but you really have made a huge difference,  not only to my life but also to my family's. πŸ‘ͺ 

I fly with my family a few times a year and have to usually take medication to get on the plane, even with medication, I would cry, I would not be able to breath, I would feel sick, have hot sweats, and my body wouldn't move I would just freeze. Making our journey very difficult, it was something that I couldn't control, and for my 7 year old son to have to see this, it was not what I wanted. 

I would like to say a thank you to all the staff at Flying Without Fear, for making the whole experience a much more easier thing to do. Before I attended I had no faith that the Flying Without Fear course would work, I had already been on countless flights and I knew what every noise on the plane was, yet somehow I would still fear them, everyone around me was a terrorist, every noise was the plane about to go down, every time the bing bong went it was a sign that something bad was to happen, once I was on my way to the airport in a windy day, the trees were blowing up and down, but to me they were waving goodbye (the minds a crazy complex thing)

Yet somehow I got on that plane, without my family and with no medication and only a few little butterfly's in my belly, and that is with thanks to your team!

You are all amazing. 😁 I have a flight booked with Virgin in May this year where we are travelling to Dubai, and I have no nerves at all 😁 I still can't believe that I am looking forward to the flight ✈️I have the new book 'Flying Without Fear' which I am reading, which I will keep and re-read when ever I have bad thoughts. If I ever get scared to fly again I would not hesitate to come back on your course.I used to say that I had a fear of flying but I can now safely say that I can fly without fear.Well done to the team, keep helping the millions of people like myself. 

Oh and special thanks to Captain Steve he was hilarious ! You need a fan club for him πŸ‘πŸ½And to all those people that think that this course will not help, I was 100% convinced that no one on this planet could make me change my mind, but how wrong was I ? 😊 Thank you once again 😁 and hope not to see you all soon xxClare Mc

Take care

Paul and Richard
Flying Without Fear

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Flying Wihout Fear Blog February 2018

Welcome to the February blog...

It matters what you say to yourself...

Many times over the years, we have had this phrase said to us: 
'I am going to try to take the flight today...'

Does that seem a reasonable thing to say to you???

Here are our thoughts on the matter.

We think this is putting too much power in the hands of fate...or feeling 'ready'...or not feeling scared... or not having funny feelings in our bellies...or not having 'I need to escape thoughts'...not being in the mood...

One of the things that we know after 20+ years of working with anxious and scared people is this - many of our most successful candidates have felt and believed all of the above and yet, still got on the flight with us.

The trick is how you talk to yourself.  Please don't try and do the flight. Join us saying, 'I am going to fly or not fly.  Whichever I do, I will stand by.'  The reality is that beating a fear is a process which goes at different speeds for each person. 

As Yoda says....................

"No! Try not! Do or do not, there is no try."

As we always say, the most important person that you will ever talk to is yourself. What is your 'self-talk' like?!

"I am going to do the flight and find a way to cope even if I don't like it.

Just because it may be uncomfortable, or I don't like the movement; This does not mean it is unsafe.

I see that they have a 98 % success - bet I will be the 2%!! (Positive.)

I can't fly without fear...YET."

Thank you by email

Dear sir or madam,

I attended your course at Gatwick in November 2017 after getting a place at the very last minute as my fear had prevented me from being brave enough to book.
I thought the course was amazing and enjoyed it very much.
Last week after 28 years of avoiding flying, I flew up to Edinburgh and back to London again the following day and I have to say didn't feel nervous at all and enjoyed both the flights.

Doing your course has been a life changer for me, thank you so so much

Best wishes,
Debbie B (reproduced with permission)

Thank you from Leeds delegate on our forum

Hi to all the Flying Without Fear team and to everyone on the course yesterday at Leeds/Bradford.

What a way to spend a Sunday!!!!! Thank you.
I was emotionally exhausted when I got home and slept for 9 solid hours last night but I was thrilled with my experience and learned so much from the day.

Personally I found the technical side of things to be the most useful for me as the sheer mechanics of getting a plane off the ground and keeping it there was a total mystery to me beforehand but pilot Ralph explained it all in such easy to understand terms using "normal" language which didn't confuse or baffle me.

The breathing exercises I found very useful also and I used these when we were waiting to take off and they really helped me not get into the panicked state I have done previously remembering that "What's past is passed". 

Another thing which made a big impression on me, although only a small thing, was using a bottle of water on the tray table in front of me as a natural spirit level and actually seeing how little the water level was affected by any movement in the plane when we were up in the air. Simple but very effective.

I could write pages and pages on the subject, I am so high on what we achieved yesterday. My only regret is that my holiday to Corfu that is booked for May is not sooner, as I genuinely would like to put into practice everything I learned as soon as possible.

When I first arrived and saw how many people were on the course I was shocked as of course we all think we're the only people who feel the way we do or at least we are very rare. I'm ashamed to say that it actually concerned me to think that there I was surrounded by others who were as bad or worse than me and feared that it would affect my personal experience in a negative way and wondered what the hell I had done. I soon found out that being with like minded people actually affected me in a very positive way as it made me realise I was not alone of course but also having other peoples emotions and feelings to considered and to help take care of someone else if possible and be a positive influence rather than a selfish "this is all about me and my insecurities" issue made me feel worthy if you can understand what I mean?

The people who were in the same group as me were an amazing bunch of people, as were lots of others I spoke to on the day, with all manner of stories and experiences and I really wish them all the very best in the future and hope that we can all overcome our fears using the tools we learned yesterday and get out there and enjoy the big wide world.

I was desperately affected by the people who didn't manage the flight and really, really hope they can try again and be helped in the future.

I've just realised how emotional I still feel today as I'm writing this .................... tissues please.

On a lighter note, I imagine us all walking through airport terminals in the future looking out for others who are discreetly tapping their faces/sides/collar bones or performing karate chops in the palm of their hand and smiling an all knowing conspiratorial smile. Like a secret little band or club with a very special membership.........

Thank you to all of the team, you are an inspirational bunch of people and I cannot put into words how much help you have given me.

Best wishes to everyone and happy travelling.



Future Courses

4th March 2018 - Full Sorry

22nd April 2018

29th April 2018

Very best wishes,

Your flying without fear team

101 fear of flying questions answered.  First edition on Amazon.  Second edition is sold on our courses only.

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Flying Without Fear Blog January 2018

Hello and welcome to first proper blog 2018.

We really hope that you were able to take a decent break over the festive period?  We have come back to work mad busy with some exciting news coverage and four courses to run before the end of April.  Did you know that our prices have not changed for over 5 years!

Virgin Atlantic totally believe in this course...
L-R: Paul Tizzard, Sir Richard Branson
& Richard Conway 2003

Did you see all of the coverage in the national newspapers and hear it on the radio?  On January 9th, Virgin offered anyone with a fear of flying to book a flight with them and they would get a free fear of flying place with us.  The guarantee that they made was this, 'If you book a flight, attend the course for free and you are not cured then Virgin will refund your flight cost!'  That is how strongly everyone at Virgin Atlantic believes in what we offer.  Here is a link to one of the articles.

Inspirational Thanks by Email
Subject: Fear of flying 99% conquered

Dear Richard and Paul,

Firstly, apologies for contacting you directly (me and forums don't go together!). I'm sure you remember me but wanted to share this with you and maybe give inspiration to others who were like me. If you think this is okay to post on the forums, please could you post it for me and cut it to a bit smaller/take things out if you think you have to. I am writing this after just returning from my 2nd holiday within 6 weeks and finally I know that I have conquered my fear of flying. 

My journey started way back in 2004 when 3 months before my holiday to Florida, I was a complete emotional wreck. In the end I was hospitalised, on medication and, at one stage, told my wife and 2 daughters to go without me. It was then I stumbled across the Virgin Atlantic Fear of Flying programme, run by Richard and Paul. Richard invited me to the course which was 4 days before I was due to fly. I attended, all dosed up with tablets and I must admit, looking back, the day was a blur, but I did the course and flight, remembered how proud I was thinking, yeah this is easy but all the fears came flooding back the next day and I was like that the whole holiday.

I took the bold step of booking another one when I got home. My understanding being that, since I was dosed up on mediation, I couldn't really take in the material I was given . This time ,not on any medication, I made a mental note of listening to everything presented to me. Sure, I was nervous on the day but, when I climbed the steps to board, I felt calm and still vividly remember speaking to a gentleman on the course who was upset and offered to sit next to me, saying we can do this together. Which we both did. Great, I thought, fear conquered. Or so I thought.

I booked another 3 centre trip to America (2 internal flights involved), then the fears all came back 3 months before. It got so bad that I made some lies up, telling my wife that the schools wouldn't let us take the kids out for the week before the schools holidays broke up. I promised her that we would pre book, which I did, telling myself that I have a year to sort myself out. Even let my parents book as I was confident that "next time, I will be ok". It's amazing how quickly the year went and I'm afraid that I did exactly the same thing, lied again about schools and promised wife and kids that we would for next year but definitely in school holidays so there would be no problems. Now the pressure was on and I took the bold steps to contact Richard, saying that I was a failure and can I re-book for 2007. Richard said that I was 100% not a failure, never to think like that welcomed me on the course. I even took my wife this time to prove to her that I could do this.

The day went really well and, even my wife said how calm I was. Though (thinking back 10 years ago), I do recall it was very windy and that did freak me out a bit but, thankfully it had calmed down and was a smooth flight. Looking back now, I wished it had been windy and turbulent as, being in that environment first hand, it would of shown me that it is safe. Thinking again, I had cracked it, the holiday soon started to get closer and closer and, yet again, the fears all came flooding back. I did go on this holiday but just couldn't get the fears and thoughts out of my head. The weird thing about all this is, when I landed at Gatwick on my return, I would look back and think to myself, Yeah I did really well, I was calm on the plane and enjoyed it. Thinking these positive thoughts, I booked another holiday for 2009. But again I was a nervous wreck before the holiday, nervous about 4 days before I returned but again I would look back and say "Yeah I did really well, I was calm on the plane and enjoyed it".

This circle carried on for 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016. In between this, I did another course (think Richard and Paul were getting fed up with me!) in 2012 but, again, even though I was calm on the plane, enjoyed it, I just couldn't get the crisis thoughts out of my head and controlling the nerves.2015 was a turning point in my fears. Having just returned from Florida, we were due to fly to Crete 4 days later and, yep, I cancelled it, telling my wife it was my illness and not my fear of flying. When you Flight and not Fight, you get are overcome with relief, this lasts for a few hours, then you are overcome with guilt. I felt so low for a few days and then I said to myself, enough is enough.

I rang Richard (must be fed up with me by now!) as I always remember someone saying to me, when you give in to your fears, you have lost. I didn't want that, so in April 2016 I booked a surprise holiday for my wife to Antigua and booked myself on another course for April. I travelled to Birmingham from Kent, did the course and flight, loved every minute of it and finally, I knew we were getting somewhere. I was nervous for Antigua, but only the day before I went and a few days before I came home. I have since travelled to St. Lucia, Malaga, Palma and have just got back from Antigua. What has also helped me was that I got to fly a 737 in a simulator for an hour which showed me that (even though it was simulator) the instructor pretended it was real. We went through all the check list, showed me tall the back up systems etc. so when I flew as a passenger, I ran through all that I remembered and, to my surprise it really helped and calmed me. Also, my daughter is cabin crew for British Airways, flies all the time and she just says "its just a job". If flying was dangerous, how irresponsible a parent would I be if I let her continue in her role.

My moral to my long story is this: I remember (after my first couple of courses) reading people's messages to Richard and Paul, saying they were cured after one course and thinking "why am I not like that", "what's wrong with me", "I'm not normal". Taking a good look at myself, I ignored these comments and FINALLY realised, we are all individuals, not robots. What might take someone 1 course, can take someone 2/3/4 courses. We all put pressure on ourselves to be "normal" and be like our parents/brothers/sisters/friends etc.

If it doesn't work 1st time, don't give up, keep on trying as, what I thought would never happen, I now love flying. Yes, I still get nervous, but I now say to myself it is excited nerves as I no longer get them dreaded negative thoughts in my head "what if this happens, that happens etc. "If this is posted on the message board, please don't read the first part as a negative but concentrate on the ending which is POSITIVE. Remember we are all individually different and if it didn't work for you the 1st or 2nd time, don't give up. It will work. And I think Richard and Paul will agree, I am certainly living proof of this.

I have already booked Orlando, Turkey and Jamaica next year and can't wait!!I wish everyone a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year and happy flying.

PS I would like to say a massive THANKYOU to Richard and Paul for their understanding, patience and help over the last 14 years, without you my new life would not have been possible. I may or may not come back for a refresher but, if I do, I know you won't judge or think "AGAIN", but, what I do know is that you would welcome be back with open arms. I wouldn't see this as a failure but just to refresh the brain.

Thank you again,


Comment:  We think Trevor is amazing and especially as he never gave up. He literally came on our first course sedated with a companion to help him walk.  His fear was enormous. We firmly believe here that if you don't give up and if you treat our course as part of a process, you will beat it.
Future Courses

4th February 2018

 4th March 2018

22nd April 2018

29th April 2018


Best wishes,

Paul & Richard

Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear
Our Book:
flying without fear - 101 fear of flying questions answered

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Flying Without Fear Places for Free

Today, Virgin Atlantic released a deal to offer people a free course with us...

You need to book a flight today with Virgin to qualify for the deal.  Here is a link below

Link .



Thursday, 21 December 2017

Flying Without Fear Blog 21st December 2017


We hope that you are able to take a decent break during the festivities... 

We ran two courses in November - Manchester and Gatwick.  Both were great courses and it is excellent to think of all those new people 'out there' now flying.

Message Board Thanks

Just wanted to thank everyone for a informative relaxed day.  I am 44 and have never flown. I thought I would never fly and nobody would be able to change that fact, however due to the light-hearted yet informative and perfectly constructed course, I easily did something that had been a thorn in my side for so long. I was actually excited to get on the plane and couldn't wait to get moving. Taking off was unbelievable and totally amazing. 

The constant reassurance from captain Dave, informing us of every single step and bump made it a breeze and the most enjoyable thing I have ever done. Twenty four hours prior, I would never have believed how relaxed,  yet totally excited I would be. Thanks to the team but cheers to Paul for his constant help in walking us through it step by step. Descent fella too. Honestly I can't emphasise how simple it really is. I now have an opportunity to see things I could only dream of.   Cheers everybody who made the day - yay we all did it

Thanks by email

Subject: Thank You

Good Morning,

Could you please pass this message onto Paul, Richard and Karen. And Paul and Captain Dave (table leaders from 19th November)

I attended the Course at Gatwick on the 19th of November. I had not flown in five years due to my phobia and had decided it was time to try and do something about it, driving around Europe takes a lot of time out of the holiday!

I was not convinced that a one day course could have any effect on me and was sure that I would not be getting on the plane at the end of the day (because if I got on the plane it would of course crash).

Well I did get on that plane and, acting on the advice to fly as soon as possible booked a weekend in Glasgow. I flew out Friday and returned yesterday evening. My husband was more nervous than me, although that could have been his apprehension that I would descend into hysterics as soon as we were on the plane!

I cannot thank you all enough for the course and the confidence it has given me. It sounds silly to anyone who has never been too terrified to get on a flight but I feel that this has changed my life. I am now busy planning trips to Barcelona, Greece and Las Vegas and anywhere else that takes my fancy.

Thank you once again. Emily Crabb

How safe is flying on low cost airlines?

This is not the first time that people have asked this question of us.  Here is a view on it based on my experience as a motorcyclist.

You can buy a motorcycle helmet that is deemed safe by British Standards from about £30 up to £2,000+.  They all have the kite mark to suggest that they meet the regulated safety standard - they are all in fact safe to wear. However, if you were to try a helmet at £30 and a helmet for £150, you will notice a world of difference in terms of comfort and what you get for your money. 

Commercial aviation is similar. Sure, you can sometimes get flights for £9 one way, but you would not expect world class service for that would you ?!  Safety standards are a minimum but in terms of comfort, you get what you pay for!

Interesting Blog - AirSafe

Thanks to Chris Rolinson for forwarding this article about how safe commercial flying is now.  Here is a snippet of it and the rest can be found on their great site. 

With less than two weeks to go in 2017, the world's airlines are about to reach a milestone that has not happened in over 50 years. In every year since 1960, there has been at least one passenger fatality due to an accident, sabotage, hijacking, or military action involving a jet airliner. So far in 2017, that number is zero. In fact, the last time a large jet airliner event led to passenger fatalities was in November 2016 when a chartered jet crash in Colombia killed most of the members of the Brazilian Chapecoense Football tracks a number of events and issues related to airline safety and security, with a particular emphasis in passenger deaths on large jet airliners and certain models of turboprop-driven aircraft that both have a capacity to carry 10 or more passengers and that have been certified to fly in the US. These categories of flights are designed to the highest standards set by the world's most influential civil aviation authorities, and also operate under the most demanding regulations in the US, Canada, western Europe, Australia, and elsewhere. In the annual summaries of aviation events, fatal passenger events involving this category, these events are numbered. The Chapecoense crash was a charter flight not open to the public, so that event was not a numbered event.


Some thing to make you smile - 5 year old aviator!

Thanks to Frederiki, one of our psychotherapists, who shared this cute but smart 5 year old kid talking about flying.... 'Smart Aviator'


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