Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Flying Without Fear Blog July 12th


We are moving into the summer months which is always a very busy time for us. Coming up shortly, courses in Birmingham and Manchester. 

Last weekend we ran a children's experience day in the aircraft mock up area at Crawley Virgin Training Centre. We think it went well and we are considering how to run that course in the future. 

The same week, we received an email from someone who's work we have promoted in the past.  So, we thought we would do it again.  Charlotte wrote a book called 'Suzie goes on an aeroplane' aimed at helping nervous children to travel.  The amazing success that she has recently achieved is that an animation of this book will be on all Virgin flights to help nervous flying children.

Well done Charlotte!

Charlotte is also working on a male version of the story which is out shortly.  Good luck with your books.

A great question by email:

Hello, I want to book on the 30July fear of flying course in Manchester. However, I am not flying with Virgin when I go on holiday and I don't want to leave the session scared of flying with any other airline or feeling disappointed that I'm not flying with virgin on this occasion. Can you advise how impartial this course is.
Thanks, Helen

Our Answer:
Our courses have been running for 20 years for Virgin.  The courses are crewed by a mixture of Virgin and non Virgin people and the whole day does feel very Virgin. However, and it is a big however, we exist to get people flying comfortably.  We do not mind who you fly with as we know that Virgin does not cater for every destination.  Everything we cover on the courses around safety are international standards that all airlines sign up to - that includes your low cost airlines too.

From via Chris Rolinson

Chris sent an email  to us from Chris is a team leader but also a previous nervous flyer.

Subject: Airline safety and security mid year review for 2017

The first six months of 2017 represents a milestone in the history of civil aviation. For the first time since 1959, there were no airline passenger fatalities involving large jet airliners during the first six months of the year. tracks a number of events and issues related to airline safety and security, with a particular interest in passenger deaths on large jet airliners and certain models turboprop-driven airliners that both have a capacity to carry 10 or more passengers and that have been certified to fly in the US.
When looking at this broader class of aircraft, there were still no events in the first half of 2017 that led to a passenger death, a situation that has never happened before in the 22 years that has tracked such statistics.

Best wishes,

Paul & Richard

Future Courses
PREMIUM: Birmingham 23rd July; Manchester 30th July; Gatwick 12th Nov.
GROUND: Norwich 6th August.
Kids (6-12): tbc

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Flying without fear blog June 2017

Welcome to today's blog.

Since we last wrote, we have run a fabulous course at Birmingham.  Here is the route we took on the flight at the end of the course. We always get asked, 'Where are we flying to today?' and we feel a bit rude saying, '...well basically, Birmingham to Birmingham!''

So, this is the actual route we took on our last Birmingham course to give you a bit of an idea of how things work.  This is narrated all the way by one of our pilots.
Credit:  Chris Rolinson, former nervous flyer and now proud course team leader

New Stuff

New ground course launched at Norwich International Aviation Academy.  6th August, we are running a ground course with a difference.  Working in partnership with the Aviation Skills Partnership, we are running a course at their lovely new aviation academy in Norwich AND we will have use of an operational but grounded 737.  Same amazing price as other ground courses and if this goes well, we hope to run some more.

New style children's course running in Gatwick area at Virgin Atlantic Training Centre.  This is running on Saturday 8th July AM.  It will be more of a hands on experience for the young people following feedback from previous children courses we have run...

Paul Tizzard, Co Founder, flew to DOHA last month to join the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to talk fear of flying.  The room was packed with 300 aviation professionals and safety trainers from airlines all over the world.  We hope that the fear of flying treatments available will be offered by other airlines that currently don't run courses.

The essence of the talk was around encouraging cabin crew and pilots to speak more. The talk was called, 'When less isn't more.'  Nervous flyers want more chat from the pilots and crew as to what is happening. The talk was focussed on around getting the balance right as some people (non nervous) don't want any talking from the flight deck - they just want to get some sleep. It is always a balance.


Recently, in the UK (and of course around the world) there has been a spate of terrorist incidents.  It goes without saying, these are awful events for all the victims and families affected.  We know that a lot of people that come onto our courses, also have a fear of terrorism.  What do we say about this on our courses?

None of us are 100% safe from terrorism.  The security services have to get it right every time to prevent or catch these perpetrators.  The terrorist only has to get it right once to be successful.  As you know, terrorist incidents are about disruption.  They need 'easy wins' to get their atrocities in the media. For that reason, terrorists tend to go for maximum impact but 'softer' targets. They want to get in and see the terrible act through. 

Commercial Aviation has tons of things in place to make sure we are not a 'soft' target.  There are many things that we can talk about on our courses to reassure people. There are many things we cannot talk about in terms of safety measures in place. Most you will never know about. And, of course, there is lots more going on in the background that none of us know about.

Future courses
PREMIUM: Birmingham 23rd July; Manchester 30th July.
GROUND: Norwich 6th August.
Kids (6-12): Gatwick 8th July


We use humour on our courses. Why?  If people feel reassured by our credibility from 20 years of running courses but we also make them laugh a bit, it helps the brain learn more effectively... (Education theory over!)  Occasionally, just occasionally, we accidentally offend someone. We never intend to of course.  We keep our courses light hearted and maybe a little quirky cos we are a Virgin course.  Would you expect anything else?  Also, we treat all of our guests as normal people with a fear.  Everyone that attends our courses is intelligent and manages a full life - they just happen to have a fear of flying.

Having said that, do not follow this link if you are easily offended
Or this link either as contains some swearing!  .Why you can't use your phone humour 
Best wishes,

Paul & Richard
Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear

Monday, 15 May 2017

Flying Without Fear Blog May 2017

A question that we get asked a lot by the media is, 'How many people actually fear flying?'

So, we have put together some data from various sources over the years. Plus, we will explore some very recent research around fear of flying too. 

How many people have a fear of flying?

1980. 1 in 4  adult Americans  (Dean & Whitaker. Boeing)
2001. 1 in 5 US. (Gallup)
2012.  30% of UK population (H.J. Guninski, Cranfield University)
2014.  US 1 in 3.  UK 1 in 4.  (YouGov)

In February 2017, YouGov (UK) ran a poll with aviophobes and this is what those people thought about flying.

57% of those with fear of flying, will still fly.  However, 81% of the nervous flyers would NOT consider a fear of flying course.  We guess that they fly but under duress?

26% believe the safest seat is an aisle seat
20% believe the safest seat is at the back of the aircraft
46% believe no part of the plane is safe!

When asked, who do they perceive is the safest airline...

38% said British Airways
24% said Virgin Atlantic
Whereas, only 5% thought Ryanair were the safest despite the airline having a faultless safety record. (It is perception because people believe lower prices = less safety)

Top 3 aspects of flying people are afraid of:

68% Technical failure
61% Turbulence
56% Bad weather while flying
Only 38% said terrorism.

Also, more people fear take off than landing. Why?  Landing = ALIVE!

We hope that you found these interesting?

Best wishes,
Paul & Richard
Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear

Future Course Dates

PREMIUM: Birmingham 28th May; Manchester 30th July
GROUND: Heathrow 25th June
Kids (6-12): Gatwick 8th July (New style course launched)

One of our flying without fear courses in action

Monday, 3 April 2017

Flying without fear blog 3rd April 2017

Welcome back.
Our YouTube Channel - Virginflyingwithoutfear

We have had a channel on YouTube a long time - we often forget it is there.  Sorry about that. Anyway, we had this really nice message today from someone that has found one of our videos extremely helpful to beat his fear of flying. Someone that we have never met, has been helped.  The video that Robin talks about below is 12 minutes long and it is on our site for you to watch too.

Subject: A note of gratitude
I want to ensure I commend the flying without fear video that Virgin Atlantic has put on you tube for the public viewing that is fantastic. I have always had a fear of flying and have had to travel for business and personal most recently for family urgencies. Flying has never been a pleasant experience for me because I was unaware off the functionality of a plane and the logistics of flying.

This video course has been an absolute blessing in conquering my fear of flying. I have had family urgencies and business trips that I have taken over the last several months. Before viewing the flying without fear video, I shied away from flying for five years and although not on a Virgin flight , I have flown on another domestic Carrier, I watch the flying without fear video before each flight of the 6 flights I have taken in the last 2 months. I am an environmental health and safety Manager and cannot THANK Virgin enough for providing the tools to help me gain knowledge, understanding the flight process and also understanding the plane mechanics. It has given me a renewed faith in the pilots and how safety for the passengers is at the forefront of each flight.

Thank you Virgin Atlantic!!! A top quality Airline carrier!! I look forward to my next flight on Virgin and it will be a " flying without fear" flight. Again, all I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I appreciate what you do and the video presentation has been saved on my favorites and viewed each time I take a flight! You folks are top quality and am ever so grateful for the extended knowledge I have received, and have worked toward conquering the " fear of flying" Thank you so much, Robin Chaiken
I am okay with shorter flights now, but what do I do for longer flights?
Someone asked on the message board for any tips for longer flights... Their background was that they had attended our course and had flown many times, but never for more than 4 hours.  They asked us about taking a longer flight of 8 hours and what could he do to make it okay...This is what we advised in case you missed it. 
1. Take stuff to do
2. Buy your own water after security to keep hydrated and not be reliant on crew
3. Compartment your time. 11 hours is a long time just sitting there so plan your time to receive boredom. 1st 2 hours, eat. 2 hours film. Go for a walk. Sleep. Read. Another film. Rest again.
4. Make yourself comfortable.  Put on air vents, adjust your area to make it your own. Wear loose comfy clothing.
5. Go for a walk about or two during flight. Helps you feel less tired and lethargic.
6. Eat etc. in UK time's (or stay in your own time zone). So if you take late flight, don't eat extra meals as it can make you feel horrid!
7. Drink lots of water and very little alcohol.
A new question that has been added to our frequently asked questions:

What aircraft types do you use?

We use either Virgin branded aircraft or local trusted aviation partners to provide our specially chartered flight.  We know that the safety standards for anyone that flies in UK airspace are the same as mandated by the Civil Aviation Authority and Joint Aviation Authority. Therefore, we use the type of aircraft and airlines that you are most likely to fly with from your local airport.  We want you to know how safe all commercial aviation is in the developed world and for you to fly with ease from wherever you choose to fly. 

However, we were saddened to see recently that some of the companies that also run fear of flying courses are using the idea 'come onto our courses as we only use our own aircraft.'  We think this is misleading you as nervous flyers.  We are all here to help you beat your fear of flying - it is not solely about you flying with one airline only.    To get around the world, we all have to use and trust a variety of commercial airlines. 

The course we run is for Virgin.  We use Virgin aircraft if we can but we also use other great carriers such as Flybe, Jet 2, Germania and previously Monarch and BMI.  These are the type of aircraft that you are likely to fly from your local airport. These airlines safety standards are amazing too.  We all have to meet the same standards of safety.  Customer service is a different matter.  Airlines can save money by not including drinks, food and leg room can be quite different.  There are lots of ways for 'alleged low cost' airlines to save money but none of those are around safety.  In fact, a lot of airlines share engineering support, pilot training, facilities, commercial insight...

We think it is healthier for you to think of flying on any commercial aircraft as meeting the same safety standards - everything else is about customer service.  In commercial aviation, it is safety first for all of us.

Take care,
Paul & Richard
virgin atlantic flying without fear

Future Courses:
PREMIUM: Birmingham 28th May.

Gatwick, Heathrow, Manchester, Leeds, Southampton - we are working on it

GROUND: Heathrow April 30th

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Flying Without Fear Blog March 2017

Recently, we were very lucky to be super busy with two sold out courses...

We have noticed, over the years, that no two courses ever run the same.  Even at the same location there are different people, different stories and occasionally some interesting challenges to deal with.

At Birmingham in February, we had some weather challenges. Nature decided that the people who joined us to beat their fears should also experience some strong winds!  We always say this when it comes to weather, safety first.  It is so strictly regulated in terms of cross winds and storms and birds even, it is either safe to take off or we stay where we are. Same applies to landing.  If an airport becomes unsuitable to land at, we might circle for a while or we might go somewhere else.  Every commercial airline that you will fly with, operate to the same standard.

At Birmingham it was gusty.  Not to the point of being unsafe to take off but the wind made its presence felt.  We think that this is a good thing to happen on a course like ours. As the pilot talks you through everything that is going on, it gives all of our previously nervous flyers a chance to understand what is actually going on as it happens. Very helpful.

This is the route we too took that day, for those that like that sort of thing!  (Thanks Chris Rolinson, Team Leader and former nervous flyer for sending it in)

Here is what one of our attendees said about the Birmingham experience on our message board:
What can I say about yesterday except a massive THANK YOU to everyone involved in helping my wife Sue overcome her fear of flying.

From the moment we registered where Richard sent us off with Lois then all through the day with Paul, Captain Gary, Dr Jo and John we were treated fantastically with Richard and Gary especially going out of their way to provide first class assistance.
The course itself was very comprehensive in it's topics and no one's questions were ignored with genuine and easy to understand answers given.

The flight itself whilst not the smoothest of flights had a running commentary from Captain Gary who explained every detail as we went along which was a massive help.
I really did not think Sue would even get on the plane tbh but with all the help and support given during the day she got on, stayed on and whilst initially scared soon became calmer and ended up enjoying the flight and the whole experience.
So again a big THANK YOU to everyone involved in helping Sue to overcome her fear of stop Australia to see her Dad.

From our Gatwick course:
I honestly don't know where to start. Attending the course yesterday was one of the best things I have every done. Driving to work this morning, I looked up at the sky and thought to myself "What a beautiful view I'd have if I was up there flying now" and then smiled... then I was shocked that I had that thought! Before, I would look up at the sky and think "I am so glad I'm down here!" To me, that sums up my experience.

I can only describe it as it feels like my mind has been reset and I am starting my flying experience all over again, with the power to train my mind to not fear flying.

Richard and Paul, you have created something so wonderful, and I will be forever grateful! Steve, the pilot, was fantastic! I have not laughed and learnt so much at the same time! Turbulence will always be "sexy" from now on in (if you've met Steve, you know what this means). The psychology section was extremely helpful and I have learnt so many strategies that I will use on and off of an aircraft! Dave and my team leader Justine, were so informative and helpful throughout the whole day and answered ALL of my questions with genuine care and attention.

Lastly, I would just like to sincerely thank everybody who was involved with the course yesterday! You have changed my life!

Hopefully see you up there one day!

P.S. Here I am, all smiles on the flight!

End of this month, we are running at Manchester fear of flying course or should I say, flying without fear...

Anyway, that is our last course for a couple of months and numbers are filling up nicely. The more people we meet, the more people we get the opportunity to help.

Take care
Paul & Richard
Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear

Next course:

26th March 2017

28th May 2017


Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Flying Without Fear Blog 21st February 2017

What a cracking start to the year it has been!

It is unbelievable to think that our next two courses are already sold out.  This must mean that there are a lot of people out there that need help. We are so grateful that you are giving us a chance to help you.

Perceived Risk Vs Actual Risk

This is a key idea that we talk about on our courses.  Fear is a normal thing. A lot of people say to us, 'I have this irrational fear of flying.'

Whether it is rational or not is a matter of opinion.

Maybe you could consider being a bit kinder to yourself?  Fear is normal.  In fact, your brain has decided that the risk of harm that could come to you when flying is beyond acceptable. Therefore, you have a fear of it.

There is some logic to that.
How about this as an idea. Fear of flying would be completely rational and reasonable were it not based on an inaccurate perception of risk.  In other words, when you believe that something is not safe, it takes a while to be convinced otherwise. Just because you don't think it is safe to fly, does not make it so.  Commercial flying is extremely safe. We are so convinced of this that we do not let the thought 'dying means flying' even enter our heads.  If the chances of something happening to you when flying was 50:50 then fair enough, be scared. But we are talking a miniscule amount of a chance of anything untoward happening and we mean tiny, tiny!  Flying is not 100% safe, nothing is!  But it is not far off.

For example, a lot of us don't like turbulence but, we don't fear it.  We know it can cause us no harm if we have our seatbelts on. 

There you have it. You don't have to even like flying at all to know you are safe.  It is just a means of transport...
On the message board this week:

We attended the course in Manchester late 2015.  I was really scared of flying, and really needed to do something about it.

I thought the course was excellent and I was really surprised that normal people were there! (I was kind of expecting some strange flying phobia type weirdos!) every fear is discussed and everyone related to all the stuff that's spoken about.

I love the fact that a pilot takes the course and really was surprised how well trained the "trolley dolly's" were (it really is disrespectful to refer to the cabin crew as that because they REALLY DO train, train and re-train and get tested a lot!) There is a whole lot more to their job than serving you as much alcohol as you can get down your neck to calm the nerves!

Anyway, not long after the course, we flew to Singapore and I actually fell asleep on the plane! (was a first for me) and when we eventually hit turbulence - I took one glance at the bottle of water and fell asleep again! (if you go on the course, you will get this!)

Well, 18 months later and we are off to Texas in a few weeks and to be honest I'm actually looking forward to the flight! - kind of excited even! - we are also doing an internal flight too, and yes I'm looking forward to that as well! 

If your nervous about flying and reading this - YOU REALLY NEED TO GO ON THE COURSE! - its worth every penny...

Thanks so much everyone, I really do appreciate you helping me get over this phobia!
Paul & Richard
Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear

Future Course Dates
PREMIUM: Birmingham Feb 26th FULL; Gatwick Mar 5th FULL; Manchester Mar 26th; Southampton tbc, Heathrow tbc.
GROUND: tbc.
CHILDREN: Gatwick Mar 5th

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Flying without fear blog 24th January 2017


'Have a safe flight...'

I took a couple of flights over Christmas and I never thought much of them. For those of us that run these courses, flying is somewhere on a scale between exciting or routine.  This is linked into the destination. It is always linked to the destination.  Before both flights, two completely different people said to me 'Have a safe flight...'

The first time it was said to me, I never paid any attention.  I just mumbled a thank you.  The second time it was said to me, I was ready for it.  I replied in a smart a**e manner, 'Why would you say that to me, is there any other kind of flight?!'

I hadn't noticed that this phrase that just 'rolled off their tongue,' in my mind, it was an anachronism.  It has never occurred to me to say this to someone else. When you have been running fear of flying courses for 20 years, it would never occur to you that they could be anything but safe.  Does that sound odd to you?  Be careful what you say to yourself...:)
Paul T

In the News

It has been quite a month for PR of late. We have been truly lucky to have been covered by Sky News and BBC Rip Off Britain. 

Kay Burley, Sky News, met Sully before the launch of that film starring Tom Hanks.  This was released just before Christmas.  The very next day, she joined us in one of our commercial simulators to see exactly what training pilots receive.  Captain JJ Burrows took the sim through its paces which you can see more of here.

Also, we were joined by the Rip Off Britain Holidays Team at one of Heathrow fear of flying courses. This was onboard our one of our gorgeous new 787 Dreamliners. See here for more.

Take care,
Paul & Richard
Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear
Future Courses:
PREMIUM: Leeds February 5th; Birmingham February 26th; Gatwick March 5th; Manchester March 26th; Southampton tbc, Heathrow tbc.
GROUND: tbc.
CHILDREN: Gatwick March 5th.