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Flying Without Fear Blog September 2018

Hello and welcome to our flying without fear blog.

A question that we get asked a lot...?  What airlines are safest to fly with and not?  Saw this recently on Yahoo and here is the link to an interesting article allegedly naming the 20 safest airlines.

Despite us recommending this to you, please always take a balanced view of what websites say is a safe airline over another airline. 

As a rule of thumb, we and our families would happily fly (safety wise) any airline that operates in the developed world airspace.  Anything that flies into UK has to meet our standards for example.  It is also reassuring to know that other parts of the world operate to similar high standards.

Thanks by email

People write to us often with their own stories. We always ask permission to print them.  And the reason why?   Many of you tell us that you find the stories inspiring and helpful.  These are ordinary people like you that have done something extraordinary.

Hi Paul, Richard and FWF team,

I attended your course at Gatwick in November last year and I'm pleased to say I've just returned from a short break in Jersey and flew for the first time in nearly 6 years.

It took me a while to pluck up the courage to book a flight after doing the course but I'm so glad I did.

I found your course really helpful and although I still struggled with my stress levels, I was able to keep my mind from worrying about the worst that could happen and actually enjoyed the view.

The flights were quite straight forward, although the outbound flight was a bit bumpy through some clouds.

The next step is to go a bit further affield, I've been thinking about Berlin. Ultimately, I want to go to Disneyland Florida and New Zealand to visit my best friend. Thanks to your help, I'm sure I'll get there!

Thanks again!!
Kate D

A seasoned flyer thanks us

Hi Paul and team,

Once again thank you for your invite on the 4/3/18 of which I attended nearly 21 years after that first initial course.
The strange thing from 21 years ago was that after the sudden death of my father[aged 57] I felt obliged to treat my family to a big holiday to Florida so one evening in/or around May/June 1997 I booked this through Virgin Holidays for the following April 1998.
The very next morning I called Virgin Holidays up to cancel that holiday as I just could not go through with it.
Virgin Holidays asked me to hold this request until they had made contact with you and at that time you were planning to start a Flying Without Fear Course.
That same day I spoke to you and I agreed to be one of the first participants on the course as I then explained-If you can help cure me you can help cure anyone. The rest is now very positive history that I will never be able to thank you enough for.

21 years on - my 100 year old Grandmother [my Fathers Mother] passes away-leaves me some money and once again I feel obliged to treat my family. This time I now research what aircraft we are flying on with Virgin Atlantic,  I go on Seat Guru to find the best economy seats that I can afford. As always promised - we only fly with Virgin Atlantic long haul and £3428 later myself and four other members of the family are looking forward to a three week road trip around California. All of this is now happening because of You and all the members of your fantastic team.

I am living proof that facing this fear of flying 21 years ago has opened up a world of fantastic experiences for myself and my family and I am more than certain this would never have been achieved without the commitment of The Flying Without Fear staff conducting such a workable system of approach-then and also now

I truly thank your Team for not forgetting me as I will not forget what you all have done for me.

With Appreciation and Kind Regards.

Lee Midwinter
The media

We have had some pretty strong winds over here with Storm Ali...  This is an article I saw with this heading which we don't think is very helpful:

Storm Ali latest: heart-stopping moment Ryanair plane abandons touchdown at Dublin Airport

If you have never been in a 'go around' as we call it before, then it can be surprising.  It is not a heart stopping moment for the pilots. Pilots approach every landing ready to do a 'go around' if the conditions are not optimum for landing. This includes strong winds.  It is as straight forward as this to a pilot. 'If it is not safe to land (or take off for that matter) we don't.'   The Ryanair 'go around' made the news but their well trained pilots are just doing their job - safety first always. 

This might seem hard to accept when you are sat in the back of an aircraft and you suddenly are taking off again but here's the thing. It is always safety first.  Once the pilots have cleared the runway, after a few minutes they will come onto the PA and say what has happened. It is not a drama to pilots at all.  This is just one of those things that they train for and have to practice in the simulators every six months.  Hope that helps a little?

Take care,
Paul, Richard and the flying without fear team


Sunday, 5 August 2018

Flying Without Fear Blog August 2018

Hello from a blistering hot UK! (At time of writing!)

Just wanted to say a quick hello so that you know we are still here!

True, there are no public courses listed but we are very much still doing stuff in the background.  We hope to have some news for you soon.

In the meantime, we thought we might showcase a cool little App we were introduced to. You may have heard of it already - SkyGuru.

Developed by Alex Gervash - a pilot, psychologist, and fear of flying treatment specialist. Since 2008 he has been studying and treating fear of flying. Today over 8K of his program graduates are flying happily all over the world. His extensive experience and expertise in the field is what led Alex to an idea of teaching a smartphone to act like a personal guide, explaining everything happening during flight in real-time.

From Viktorina - Co Founder and COO

"Named as one of top 10 great gifts for travellers by Forbes and one of top 10 travel tips of all time by Conde Nast Traveller, SkyGuru acts like a personal in-flight guide, providing real-time explanations of everything happening during the flight: aircraft movements, unfamiliar sounds, and even... passenger sensations! SkyGuru will also share fascinating aviation facts, refer you to unique points of interest nearby, and even recommend the best seats to enjoy a perfect sunrise or sunset and most interesting landmarks given clear sky weather analysis. The app works without internet connection or GPS signal on board. 
We use professional aviation and meteorological data before your flight that is then analysed and translated into simple human terms. Once on board and in airplane mode, your mobile device sensors are used to detect the various flight stages. Knowing where we are, what is happening, and what to expect next, SkyGuru provides a more calm, comfortable, and interesting time on board." Available on iOS and Android.

Here is a video demo of how it works..
Our thoughts...

We are promoting this App as we can see there is really good intention to help people.  That is exactly why we started the programme 21 years help people to fly without fear.

Take care,

Paul & Richard
Programme Directors

Flying without fear

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Flying Without Fear Blog July 2018

Hello and welcome to this month's blog.

We have not run courses for a while and perhaps you are wondering what is going on?!  We are working behind the scenes and there will be new dates being offered soon.    If you would like us to add you to the waiting list to be contacted as soon as new course dates/locations are released, please click here.

Thank you by email.

To: virginflyingwithoutfear
Subject: It works

Hi All. 

Just a short note to anyone who is not sure what the course can do.  A couple of years ago I decided to take the plunge having had a fear of flying for about 60 years.  The course explained everything and by the time we boarded the plane I felt amazingly relaxed.  We had a flight around the Isle of Wight from Southampton and it was fantastic. 

I realised that I had been missing out for many years opting to go
everywhere abroad by boat. Having flown to Spain and back which was a
good two hour flight to practice all we had been taught we ventured to
Australia to see family.  We went on a Virgin round the world ticket
which actually costs less than you think. We included Singapore, New
Zealand, The Cook Islands and the USA on the way there and back. I
can't thank the course organisers enough. Without their help I would
still be "grounded".  The course really works and I've never looked
back. Thanks to all concerned. To anyone hesitating its money well
spent so just do it.

Peter W

Thank you for writing in Peter.  Amazing after 60 years of having a fear of flying, it just goes to show it is never too late to tackle it!

Saw this in a twitter feed, looks great doesn't it?!  Here is the link.  In a nutshell, aircraft are getting safer, posher, plusher, safer again!

Revealed: how the amazing, luxurious interior of the world's longest aircraft will look

The Media - Shakira!

At the fear of flying course, we love the media. We have had so much fantastic publicity over the years, we are enormously grateful. However, the media for you plays a different role. There is always some story about aviation (or so it seems) going on - isn't there?!

Well, if you are a nervous flyer, you are wired to spot these stories whilst they sail by the rest of us...  Here is a typical example which does the trick...the trick of keeping the nervous nervous.  Shakira's flight emergency landing.

It seems like it was a decompression. The article does not say which type - there are different classifications.  Also, every commercial aviation business has a plan, a back up plan and another plan for this type of thing. Funnily enough, none of this is mentioned.  That is the only criticism of these sort of stories, we don't get all the details/facts so we are not able to rationalise it.  Don't you agree?

Anyway, we are still here. Feel free to use our message board for questions.  We also have various helpful clips on our YouTube channel 'Virginflyingwithoutfear'   Plus, of course, there is our book, 'Flying without fear 101 fear of flying questions answered.'   On Amazon.

Take care,

Virgin Flying Without Fear Team


Monday, 25 June 2018

Flying Without Fear Blog June 2018

Welcome to the flying without fear blog for nervous and ex nervous flyers!

This blog, thought we might pick up on a few themes that seem to be appearing in emails we have received this week.




We have received a few emails about engines and how good or safe are they?  This is an area we cover really well on our courses because we like engines.  Aircraft don't need engines to fly, that is what the wings do.  However, engines get us off the ground and give us the power to point towards where you want to go.    A little simplistic but broadly true.

What a lot of people don't realise about engines is how much testing they are put through.  It is truly astonishing.  The way that commercial aviation deals with any parts on an aircraft bears true here for engines too.  If your car service schedule said widget A was due replacing at 12, 000 miles due to being less effective, your garage would do that.  In commercial aviation, if we knew widget A was due to stop working, or just not be as effective at 12,000 miles we would probably change it anyway about 4,000 miles!  We have massive safety capacity in commercial aviation - we call this redundancy.

Here is a link to a clip to show you some of the tests that engines go through - you should find this reassuring.

Thank you email & our comments below

From: vunv@<removed>
Sent: 7 June 2018 6:21 p.m.
Subject: Re: recent Flying Without Fear Course

Hi, I recently went on the Flying Without Fear Course at Gatwick which I must admit I did try to cancel and not attend as even the thought of the course made me nervous. 

I've just returned from my first flight to Spain since the course and can honestly say what a difference it's made.  I boarded the plane and sat happily through the take off and landings. Previously I would have clung onto the seat, checked the lifejacket was where it should be, not look out of the window and sit through the rest of the flight hardly speaking until we touched down.  The night before the flight I didn't feel that worried normally I would find it hard to concentrate and be really stressed knowing I've got to fly. 

On this flight, which was just under 3 hours, I was relaxed and didn't feel as scared or nervous as previously. I did think that at some point the nerves would kick in and I'd be terrified but nothing happened.  Although I'm still a little nervous, I'm no where near as bad as I was.  My friend could hardly believe it as I've flown with her before and she knows how scared I am.  

Just thought I'd let you know as I'm sure you'd appreciate the feedback. 

Kind regards


Our thoughts...
We are really grateful for Valerie's email.   It is both positive and honest.  Valerie spoke about something that she used to do which was 'checking the lifejacket, not looked out of window and sit through the rest not speaking...'

Nothing wrong with checking there is a lifejacket. That is sensible.  However, this was also wrapped up in lots of other patterns and rituals that it is easy to get into a habit of doing.  This is quite normal for nervous people.  A lot of people that have fears and one of the ways that they feel safe is to follow certain rituals and rules. These can get out of hand unfortunately.  It is worth considering, 'Is that pattern of behaviour I am currently using helpful for me to get rid of the fear or, is it helping to maintain the fear?'

Valerie nearly cancelled her place on the course and this is a normal thing nervous flyers sometimes do. After plucking up the courage to book a course, they book one. Then, they spend weeks and months dreading the decision. Quite normal and that is why it takes so much guts to show up like she (and everyone else) did.

Another part of Valerie's letter I really liked was the admittance of this ' I did think that at some point the nerves would kick in and I'd be terrified but nothing happened..'   This is really common when people change a habit or behaviour. They can spend ages almost testing it out or even being angry with themselves.  'Why aren't I nervous now?'  'When will I get nervous?'  'I can't believe it has gone!' 

Enjoy it I say. Once you learn something new and practice it, behaviours and thoughts change.

Message board comments - Southampton 24th June 2018

Here is one of a few messages on our forum from Sunday's course at Southampton.  This one made me laugh.  Well done to all those brave people that joined us for a great course.

'Well I spent nigh on 20 years crapping myself about flying. I was also a massive sceptic about courses like this. However having a girlfriend who inspires me and provided me with a massive surprise ‘the course’ I attended and was immediately comforted that firstly my fear of flying was also shared with so many different people.

The guys at Virgin who organise, and run the course were, in two words ‘bloody marvellous’. Warm, funny, sympathetic and realists who collectively convinced me that my fears, shared by may people are simply perceptions of what could go wrong, overcoming these fears was relatively simple in the session I simply replaced the negatives with facts or positives as they’re known. I also took note of breathing techniques, not difficult at all really, still crapped myself when we’re roared down the runway and lifted (loads of turbulence) but I persisted with my new tools ‘positive thoughts and controlled breathing’ and I managed to stay totally relaxed.

IT REALLY WORKED, so a great big THANK YOU to my wonderful girlfriend Jacklyn, and all the Virgin Atlantic team, and Matthew my farmer pal from Kent, well done to him too and all the attendees.'

Carpe Diem

Sometimes life can throw little surprises at us.  In the last four weeks, I have lost two friends of similar age to me.  Bit of a shocker.  This puts into comparison other things going on in one's life which can seem hard to deal with. 

The bottom line is this. Tomorrow is promised to no-one and this course was set up to help people to beat their fears!  That's it.  Of course, we would love you all to just fly Virgin forever more!  However, we actually just want to enable people to be free of this toxic fear that limits our life choices.  Not being able to fly is not the end of the world but it is big deal if it stops you doing what you want... Don't you agree?  None of us can afford to back down from scary things as they truly limit our lives.  You were not born with the fear, it is learned and it is never too later to learn something new.  Good luck :)

Paul Tizzard
Creator and Founder of the original Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear Programme

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Flying Without Fear Blog 25th May 2018

Greetings and welcome to the May 2018 Blog.

Today is the cut off day for the new GDPR to be in place.  You will no doubt have been bombarded with emails from every company you have ever come across!  Our privacy policy was pretty robust but nonetheless, we have updated a few things to help protect your data and the link is below.  As a reminder, this blog (if you receive automatically by email) can be unsubscribed at a click of a button below...but we hope you don't of course.
New privacy policy here

Thanks on message board - with a difference!
I woke at four that Sunday morning

And thought, "All I have to do is switch off the alarm -
Nobody will miss me."
But then I knew yet again I had been beat.
So I got the car airport-bound trundling
Wondering if I would come to what harm
Why don't I turn back - nobody will miss me -
But no, new acquaintances I could meet.

I was so glad I did not listen to my thoughts
I met some incredible folk
Other people in the same boat as I
Helped along by a fantastic team.
Paul, Conway, Gary, Jo and all the others brought
Such peace of mind through shared info
That many times we laughed rather than cry
And frowns gave way to a beam.

It isn't just relaxation techniques shared
It was all the information given
It was all the support, and care
And compassion and friendship
That each one of us received beyond compare
In a friendly and thoughtful way driven
We asked lots of questions, and their
Answers were very complete and deep.

It came time to go to the flight
And we used the information that day
One or two of us, myself included, said
Maybe we will see how we feel at the door
A little while later, to our total delight
We were sat in our seats, ready to away
How much we realised had been given to our heads
Equipping us for our flight tour.

I should imagine I can say for us all
It would have been difficult without the Coaching Team
So to Richard, Paul, Karen and our dear Jo
And all the other team, whose names I do not know
To the FlyBe and airport staff and all
A huge huge thank you
I could not have done it without you
I could not have managed to get on the plane without you

You have and are fantastic
The course is spot on
And just a huge huge thank you again and again
And again and again, you are all very mega.

From us:
Thank you so much for taking the time to write your thanks in such a novel way.

Words Matter

Over the years, we have noticed that anxious people literally pick up on every word that is mentioned during our course.  This is the watchful nature of the brain looking out for signs of danger.  We know this and take great care to use correct language that answer your questions without making the situation worse in your heads.  For example, words we use everyday mean different things in aviation.  

Redundancy normally means loss of job
Redundancy to us means having spare capacity and back up systems

Stalling means your engine stopping in your car.  Aircraft engines don't stall.

Despite knowing this, on one recent courses, we noticed that we used the following words all in one day... We are not helping ourselves or are we being over sensitive?

Pilot during his introduction to the course:
'Today, ladies and gentlemen, I am going to give you a crash course on how safe flying is!'

Same pilot later on:
'We are about to go for a break, any burning questions?!'

From one of the founders:
'We are going to go to the terminal (the end!) for our flight - see you on the other side...sorry I meant the departure lounge (for the dearly departed)'

Courses are getting full quicker

Thank you to all those people that joined us over the last two full courses.  They do seem to fill up very quickly these days. We are so grateful for all of you that have trusted us to hep them beat their fears.  We are working on new dates.

Birmingham coming up early June and then a welcome return to Southampton at the end of June.

Take care,

Paul & Richard
Flying Without Fear Team

Our Book:
flying without fear - 101 fear of flying questions answered (Amazon)

3rd June 2018 (full)

24th June 2018

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Flying Without Fear Blog April 2018

Welcome to the April flying without fear blog for nervous flyers past and present!

This month, we have been mega busy with two sold out fear of flying courses in Birmingham and Manchester.  Some of the feedback is below to show you that these amazing people are just like you.

Birmingham 22nd April Thank You!

"I had a great day today, although in part,  some of it was emotional! The Team are amazing. Each one has something unique to offer.  From the start  and up to the end, everyone was very friendly and caring. I wasn't made to feel silly for feeling scared.  Everything was put into perspective and answered honestly.

We had very experienced Team Leaders, all of whom have flown all over the world in many different aircraft for many hours.  My special thanks goes to Captain Dave.
It was an very informative morning, he spoke about the physics and mechanics of the aircraft, and why the plane does what it does and what travelling by air is really all about.

Being amongst the clouds on this beautiful day was something that I could never of

imagined. The last time I flew was nearly 9 years ago. With the help from all of the Virgin Team and my fellow fear beaters, (all of whom had many varied reasons for doing this and why it was so important) we took our seats. I will never forget it, and I have the certificate and boarding card to remind me, that I have nothing to worry about.  I'm really looking forward to visiting Venice this September. Thank you everyone,  it's been fantastic.

Please do this, it really is the safest mode of transport, and although you may still feel slightly uncomfortable, it is totally safe.  Even the take off, which I dreaded. 

Today was the just the best because  "I did it", and so can you."

You can see more of these comments on our 'Message Board.'

Where do you fly on your courses?

A lot of people ask us this before they decide whether to book. Sometimes, the unspoken question can be, 'How long do I have to put up with the near death experience?!' Others take a different view and they are asking to make sure it is long enough to get a realistic experience of a typical flight - not like a fifteen minute flight for example. 

Typically, a flight lasts between 30 - 45 minutes but can be longer on occasions.  Here is the flight path from our last course at Birmingham.   Thanks to Chris Rolinson, Team Leader and former nervous flyer.

By the way, in case you are wondering...

We did land, it is just below a certain altitude, the app Chris was using doesn't show landing. 

Things people say...

At the beginning of every course, we ask our delegates, 'What are your questions or what do you need to get from our course?

One comment caught our eye. 

'I am scared of the noises on-board the aircraft but not half as scared as no noises!'

Something we hear a lot of people say before flying...
'Have a safe flight.' 

You have probably heard people say this sort of thing all of the time?!  We know how safe flying is so from our point of view, there is no other kind of flight!  Despite what you might hear and might believe, commercial flying is incredibly safe.

Southwest Airlines flight 1380

We have received quite a few questions about the terrible incident last week with the Southwest Airlines flight.  It was a  tragedy and nothing we can say will make it go away. 

However, flying has got so safe that this is something none of us hear at flying without fear could have imagined happening.  The Daily Mail reported that there has not been a fatality on a domestic flight since 2009!  Compare that with the world's road where, according to the institute of advanced motorists, 3,500 are killed every day.   Not trying to make light of the incident at all - it is just important to keep a sense of perspective.  Flying is not 100% safe. Living is not 100% safe either. However, with all the regulations, training, checking, regulations, back up systems and no blame safety culture ...commercial flying is not far off 100% safe. In fact, if you want to live longer, you should fly more.  

The investigation will be carried out thoroughly and the results will be published publicly. In the meantime, as the investigators work out what happened to prevent a re-occurrence, every airline that flies that type of aircraft and uses that engine type will be doing extra checks. That is just the way we operate. Safety first. Always.  

Take care

Paul and Richard
Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear

Future Courses

29th April 2018 - FULL

3rd June 2018

24th June 2018


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Flying without fear Blog March 2018

Greetings - welcome to the March Blog.

A returner - Lee Midwinter 1st course Sept 1997!

Lee came and joined us at March Gatwick course to say hello. He came on the original fear of flying course way back then. This is his certificate from those days.

Two years later he popped in to say hi and we had a special guest who turned up to help us - Danny La Rue.

Since then, Lee has jumped out of aircraft and is a helicopter pilot.  This is a man that used to drive to Russia rather than fly!  Such is the power of fear of flying.  Now, he proves anything is possible once you set your mind to it.


The gift of death!
This is a question that came through our message board:

I want to give your fear of flying course as a surprise gift to a friend - any tips?

We said:

We would suggest that you involve your friend in the decision as a lot of people are often horrified with the gift - unless they are ready to face the fear. If they are not ready and you surprise them they will hear 'I have a gift of death for you!' 
Forgive the poor humour but hopefully my positive intention of helping will come through?
The reply:

So glad you gave me that tip. We had a quiet word over coffee a couple of days ago but this fear seems to be deeply ingrained. Lots of head shaking I'm afraid and it appears she may even have a fear of the course itself. Anyway, I left her with a couple of printouts from your website and just a few pages of the latest testimonials along with an offer to attend the course alongside her should she eventually decide to go ahead. I'm not one for badgering people and I've told her I'll go quiet now so it really will be up to her to make the next step. Oh, and I found a copy of your Flying Without Fear book as well so I may well pass that on if she starts to show further interest. Fingers crossed.
Everything is 'lifed.'

In my car, something fell off.  It just stopped working and fell off. 
Got me thinking, if that was an aircraft part, we would already know when it was likely to break and we have changed it already! For example, if we knew a widget would wear out after five years, we would change it at three years and still be checking it all the time before that.  Safety first!
Thank you by email - with a difference!
From: jane.s
Sent: 9 March 2018 8:47 p.m.
Subject: Gatwick 4th March

I attended your course at Gatwick last week and have read the uplifting messages that have been sent to you. I can't top any of them but thought I would send you my:


1. To test the theory that turbulence is sexy, I might have to flirt with it first.

2. I don't need to cling to the arm rests. The plane can get off the ground without my help.

3. Suck, squeeze, bang, blow - apart from engines, I will find something else in life to apply this to!

4. Airport security has improved since the days of Croydon airfield. I didn't know you had to take your socks off!

5. I will relax and stop using my shoulders as earrings.

6. Wings aren't glued to the sides of the plane therefore they can't fall off.

7. The best place to be on a plane? The correct answer is NOT "on the ground".

8. Although the best seat is in fact where the pilot sits, I will be fine looking out to the side and not straight ahead.

9. Planes don't drop, they descend!

10. I never knew how much fun you could have ( with your clothes on ), on a day out with 130 complete strangers! 


Best wishes
Jane S

More thanks...

From: claremc
Sent: 6 March 2018 5:05 p.m.
To: fwf
Subject: Gatwick -4th March 2018

You probably get lots of these messages after your courses, but you really have made a huge difference,  not only to my life but also to my family's. πŸ‘ͺ 

I fly with my family a few times a year and have to usually take medication to get on the plane, even with medication, I would cry, I would not be able to breath, I would feel sick, have hot sweats, and my body wouldn't move I would just freeze. Making our journey very difficult, it was something that I couldn't control, and for my 7 year old son to have to see this, it was not what I wanted. 

I would like to say a thank you to all the staff at Flying Without Fear, for making the whole experience a much more easier thing to do. Before I attended I had no faith that the Flying Without Fear course would work, I had already been on countless flights and I knew what every noise on the plane was, yet somehow I would still fear them, everyone around me was a terrorist, every noise was the plane about to go down, every time the bing bong went it was a sign that something bad was to happen, once I was on my way to the airport in a windy day, the trees were blowing up and down, but to me they were waving goodbye (the minds a crazy complex thing)

Yet somehow I got on that plane, without my family and with no medication and only a few little butterfly's in my belly, and that is with thanks to your team!

You are all amazing. 😁 I have a flight booked with Virgin in May this year where we are travelling to Dubai, and I have no nerves at all 😁 I still can't believe that I am looking forward to the flight ✈️I have the new book 'Flying Without Fear' which I am reading, which I will keep and re-read when ever I have bad thoughts. If I ever get scared to fly again I would not hesitate to come back on your course.I used to say that I had a fear of flying but I can now safely say that I can fly without fear.Well done to the team, keep helping the millions of people like myself. 

Oh and special thanks to Captain Steve he was hilarious ! You need a fan club for him πŸ‘πŸ½And to all those people that think that this course will not help, I was 100% convinced that no one on this planet could make me change my mind, but how wrong was I ? 😊 Thank you once again 😁 and hope not to see you all soon xxClare Mc

Take care

Paul and Richard
Flying Without Fear

Future Courses
24th April 2018 - full
3rd June 2018

29th April 2018

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